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Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Just for Fun

What Travel Plans Would You Make With $15,000?

What Travel Plans Would You Make With $15,000?

It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us again. Yay! I’ve got a little hypothetical for you … suppose you were walking down the street or through the mall past a store and suddenly a travel agent runs out and stops you in your tracks. She says, “You’re the 150th person to walk past our store today — and you’re going to be SO glad you did! Come inside with me for a sec…”

You sit down, wide-eyed and eager to hear these magic words, “We’re giving you $15,000 to spend on your choice of travel products. You can choose as many as you like as long as the total amount is not more than $15,000 and as long as the travel dates are before the end of 2014.”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’ve already spoken to your boss and cleared all the time you’ll need off work!”

OK, so let’s use our website pricing as a guide. Let’s say you’ve been given 1 hour to spend your $15,000 (it’s hypothetical, so take as much time as you need). You can choose from an all-inclusive vacation, an escorted tour, a cruise, whatever you want! You can also plan to travel solo, take your spouse or the whole family. What travel plans would you make with $15,000?

Here’s an example of my travel plans ~ I’d travel with my spouse, so I’m multiplying my numbers by two.

Cuba vacation ~ Toronto to 5* Playa Cayo Santa Maria, Jun 16 (VIP Ocean view, 12 nights, all inclusive)
$1222 pp x 2 = $2444

Cheap Flight from Toronto to Beijing, RT, Jul. 19
$1961 pp x 2 = $3922

Majestic China Tour 2013 ~ 15-day escorted tour, Jul. 21
$3517 pp x 2 = $7034

Grand Total: $13,400

Wow, I still have some cash leftover! Maybe I should squeeze in another quick all-inclusive getaway. Or maybe a road-trip with a car rental & a few nights at a nice hotel. But enough about me and my travel plans, now it’s your turn.

Tell us which tours, vacations or flights you’d pick! Get our your calculator & start here. Take the challenge now and we might even send you some fun luggage tags FREE!



  1. 100% I would be taking my family 10 Australia!
    $2279 per person 2 adults and 3 children =$11,395
    3609 left which I would use to explore Australia. I could use a vehicle there and stay at my penpals house. Although pitch in for groceries. I have a penpal there that I have wrote to for 25 years. I met her once during that time now I would love nothing more then to have our families meet:) So I enter every contest out there to win a trip here because I know this is a small chance although the only chance I have at traveling there. There would be absolutely no way otherwise for me to be able to afford to go there and have our children who are also penpals meet their children. I pray one day to be able to meet and I will keep on praying! So Luggage tags would be a start:)

  2. I know exactly where I’d spend my money! My dream vaction is the european cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. It’s $4689 plus an upgrade to higher class cabins and airfare and spending money, so that would be my $15,000 spent. I would take my hubby with me and it would be so romantic cruising up the Rhine. I’ve always imagined it would be a relaxing vacation unlike a bus tour where the suitcases have to be outside your door by 7:00 am. Just to watch the European countryside go by and then just step off the boat to take daily tours. I think it would be the dreamiest vacation ever.

  3. I would love to take my family on a European river cruise. I’d also love to take them on a Hawaii Island cruise. But for the romantic side with just hubby and myself I would look at a mediteranian cruise and a sight seeing tour of Europe. These are definatly on my bucket list !!! Loved dreaming of the possibilities as I looked over your website! Cheers

  4. I would be heading for Australia and New Zealand with a stopover in Hawaii. That trip is on my bucket list for sure.

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