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Toronto to New York Flights

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Toronto to New York

When flying into New York you can choose to land at Kennedy or La Guardia airports.

Delta and American offer daily direct flights to New York’s Kennedy airport. There are also connecting flights to Kennedy from Toronto with American, United and Delta.

La Guardia
Air Canada and American have daily direct flights to La Guardia airport. You can sometimes find direct flights with United as well. There are connecting flights to La Guardia from Toronto with Air Canada and Delta.

Travelers tend to have different styles of organizing their trips. Some have clear destinations and timelines in mind. They like discovering cheap airfare but do not usually change their plans to get it. They are more interested in finding cheap airfare that works with their travel plans. Others focus on a budget and cheap airfare will often influence their travel plans. Regardless of your organizing style the flight reservation page on will make it easy for you to uncover cheap flights to New York from Toronto.

Look for the label Best Price on the flight reservation page to find cheap flights to New York from Toronto. There may be discount airfare to be had as early as four months beforehand. Sometimes discount airfare can be found as late as a month prior to your trip. However, your best bet for cheap flights is to look sooner than later. Cheap airfare can go quickly. A good rule of thumb is snap up any discount airfare when you find it.

If you do miss out on early discount airfare then seat sales are what you want to look for. It is possible to find cheap flights to New York from Toronto if there are seat sales, even at the last minute. Seat sales are not scheduled so there may or may not be one. It is not always to your benefit to wait for one. Also when seat sales do happen you have to be fast to get cheap airfare. Many people want that last minute savings seat sales can give them. So even at the last minute cheap flights to New York from Toronto can sell out quickly.

If you are unable to find cheap flights to New York from Toronto you should check into discount airfare in Buffalo. Delta, JetBlue and US Airways offer daily direct flights to Kennedy airport from Buffalo. JetBlue and US Airways also have daily direct flights to La Guardia airport from Buffalo. If you do find discount airfare or seat sales always consider what the added costs are getting to and from Buffalo. Add the cost to the cheap airfare and if you are still saving money it might be your best way to travel.

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