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Flights Recently Searched By Our Customers

  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Toronto Auckland Mar 04 Apr 01
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Ottawa Los Cabos Mar 03 Mar 09
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Halifax Curacao Mar 06 Mar 14
    US Airways airline logo icon
    Calgary New Orleans Apr 06 Apr 09
    American Airlines airline logo icon
    Winnipeg Montego Bay Feb 14 Feb 24
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Ottawa Orlando Mar 16 Mar 30
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Edmonton Tampa Mar 01 Mar 08
    United Airlines airline logo icon
    Calgary Honolulu Apr 03 Apr 17
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Toronto Amsterdam May 17 May 27
    Air Transat airline logo icon
    Toronto Miami Feb 18 Feb 27
    Air Canada airline logo icon
  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Montreal Cartagena Feb 18 Mar 03
    Air Transat airline logo icon
    Toronto Faro Feb 22 Mar 22
    Air Transat airline logo icon
    Detroit - Metro Fort Lauderdale Feb 26 Mar 12
    JetBlue Airways airline logo icon
    Ottawa Cancun Feb 26 Mar 04
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Calgary Punta Cana Mar 10 Mar 17
    Air Transat airline logo icon
    Ottawa Fort Lauderdale Mar 08 Mar 17
    Delta Air Lines airline logo icon
    Toronto Camaguey Mar 02 Mar 09
    Air Transat airline logo icon
    Calgary Puerto Vallarta Mar 03 Mar 17
    WestJet airline logo icon
    Montreal Cancun May 13 May 20
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Montreal Brussels Apr 25 May 03
    Air Transat airline logo icon

Tips on Finding Cheap Flights

Quickly & easily find cheap flights with

We understand that finding cheap flights can be a daunting task. That’s why has simplified the process for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Start by entering your city into the search box. You’ll see an airport list drop down—click on your departure gateway.
  • If you see an option that says "All Airports," click on it. We’ll sort out the cheapest flights for you from other nearby airports.
  • Enter the correct number of adults and children in your group. Many people leave it at one adult, but our system will search and verify for the correct number of people. You don't want to be disappointed that a cheap flight option has only one seat, and you need four.
  • With the exception of peak travel periods, we find that the cheapest flights tend to be available inside a 60-day departure window.

Cheap Flights Hint: If you have inflexible dates, or need to be in a certain place at a specific time, you may want to book earlier.

  • Peak periods include long weekends, holidays, school breaks, etc. It's best to book these well in advance, not only to secure a great deal, but to secure a seat!

Cheap Flights Hint: This is when our "view results" and "search again" functionality is helpful. You can come back to our site on a weekly basis and relaunch your search with just one click.

  • If you plan to travel to an exotic destination requiring a flight longer than five hours, you may want to try searching for a day earlier or later. Sometimes there are non-stop flights from airlines that do not fly daily.

Cheap Flights Hint: Click the MODIFY button and change the dates. Then use "View Results' to completely compare these cheap flight options.

  • When you use the BOOK button to verify flights, use the BACK button created next to CONTINUE (instead of the browser back button). We’ve created this option to help your page reload much more quickly.
  • Checking a US border city is good when your destination is anywhere but Canada. There are almost never cheap flights from a border US city to a Canadian city, and the routing is usually quite odd.

We’re here to help. If you find the results are limited or the cheap flight fares are as cheap as you thought they should be, feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-800-665-4981. One of our agents will be happy to help you.

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