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Important Travel Information for MSC Musica

  • Crew Count987
  • Crew NationalityInternational
  • DescriptionFrom The Moment You Step Onboard The Msc Musica, You Will Feel The Music In The Air. A Perfect Blend Of Tasteful Design, Elegant Ambiance And Sparkling Entertainment Venues. Guests From Around The World Will Enjoy The Cosmopolitan Atmosphere, Recreation Facilities,and The Fine Cuisine Whether Italian Or From A Selection Of International Specialities.
  • DiningMsc Musica Offers 2 Main Restaurants, Le Maxim.s And L.oleandro. Each One Boasts A Top Gastronomic Selection Thanks To The Variety Of Dishes And The High Quality Of The Foods, From Choice Italian Meats, Scrupulously Controlled, To Fresh Fruit. Every Product Is Fresh And Carefully Handled, Such As Bread Baked On Board With The Passion And Knowledge Of The Most Distinctive Boulangerie. Dishes Range From Traditional And Tasty Mediterranean Fare, To The Most Refined International Recipes. For A Quick Lunch Choose Gli Archi Buffet Restaurant Offering The Utmost Quality And Variety In Italian And International Cuisine.
  • Min. Cabin Size Inside152
  • Min. Cabin Size Outside152
  • Min. Cabin Size Balcony192
  • Officer NationalityItalian
  • Passenger Count3013
  • Passenger Crew Ratio2.6
  • RatingIndependent Ratings Average A Superior Rating
  • Ship TypeLarge
  • Space Ratio36
  • Tonnage92400
  • Year Built2006
  • Year Refurbuished0

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MSC Musica

MSC Musica

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