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  • Italian Glory

    13 Days - Milan to Rome
    Was $4250
    Now $3613
    Departs April 10
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS189A

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  • Best of Britain

    14 Days - London to London
    Was $3695
    Now $3141
    Departs April 13
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS192A

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  • Switzerland and Austria

    13 Days - Zurich to Zurich
    Was $3625
    Now $3082
    Departs April 16
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS201

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  • Prague, Vienna and Budapest

    10 Days - Prague to Budapest
    Was $2350
    Now $1998
    Departs April 21
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS196

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  • Best of Spain

    15 Days - Madrid to Madrid
    Was $3775
    Now $3209
    Departs April 21
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS200

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  • Amazing Ireland

    14 Days - Dublin to Dublin
    Was $3550
    Now $3018
    Departs April 22
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS205

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  • Traditional Europe with Eurostar

    21 Days - London to London
    Was $6600
    Now $5610
    Departs April 23
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS193A

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  • The Treasures of France

    8 Days - Paris to Paris
    Was $2575
    Now $2189
    Departs April 29
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS188A

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  • Best of Germany

    12 Days - Frankfurt to Frankfurt
    Was $3125
    Now $2657
    Departs May 1
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS213

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  • Balkin Delight

    12 Days - London to London
    Was $3495
    Now $2971
    Departs June 3
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS211

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  • Best of Germany and Austria

    13 Days - Frankfurt to  Vienna
    Was $3695
    Now $3141
    Departs June 11
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS209

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  • Italian Concerto

    12 Days - Rome to Venice
    Was $3575
    Now $3039
    Departs April 24
    Quote Promo Code: PPWS214

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Subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Prices are per person, based on double occupancy and in Canadian Dollars for listed departure dates only. Hot Deals are not combinable with Early Payment Discounts or any other promotional offers. Full payment due at time of booking. New bookings only. This offer can change at anytime.  For more details contact a Vacation Expert at 1-800-665-4981.

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