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About Trafalgar Tours

Family owned and operated, Trafalgar Tours Canada has been helping travellers create their ultimate guided vacations for more than 65 years. With more than 200 itineraries to choose from, Trafalgar (part of The Travel Corporation family of brands.) offers tours throughout the world, including: 

With Trafalgar Tours, you’ll get the red-carpet treatment. You can choose a number of optional excursions that will allow you to see the sites without having to wait in long lineups. Itineraries include exclusive insider experiences to ensure an authentic vacation, such as: 

With its unique Insider Experiences, which are exclusive to Trafalgar Tours’ First Class vacations, you’ll uncover the hidden areas you won’t find in guidebooks. Your tour guide will introduce you to the locals you wouldn't otherwise meet, and you’ll share the traditions you may not have discovered by yourself. It’s this authentic, enhanced experience that makes a Trafalgar First Class guided vacation so special. 

If you have any question about Trafalgar Tours, please give us a call toll free at 800-665-4981. A friendly, knowledgeable travel agent is standing by to help you.

Tours offered by Trafalgar

Adventures in the Wild Northwest Summer 2017$3,803Adventures of the Lone Star State End Dallas Summer 2017$3,398Adventures of the Lone Star State End Houston Summer 2017$3,398Aegean Odyssey July August departures Moderate summer 2017$3,182Aegean Odyssey Moderate summer 2017$3,182Amazing Britain Summer 2017$2,273Amazing Ireland summer 2017$3,195Amsterdam Explorer summer 2017$1,616Ancient Lands Moderate summer 2017$2,322Athens and Aegean Moderate summer 2017$2,111Australian Highlights Summer 2017$4,748Autumn Colors Summer 2017$3,083Bangkok Explorer 2017$886Bay of Islands and Rotorua Unearthed Summer 2017$2,178Best of Britain Summer 2017$3,398Best of Devon and Cornwall Summer 2017$1,823Best of Eastern Canada End Toronto Summer 2017$2,747Best of Egypt Winter 2017/18$2,606Best of Finland Russia and The Baltic States Summer 2017$3,825Best of France Summer 2017$3,465Best of Germany Summer 2017$2,745Best of Germany and Austria Summer 2017$3,263Best of Greece Plus 7 Day Aegean Cruise Moderate Special July August Departures summer 2017$4,329Best of Greece Reverse Winter 2017/18$1,755Best of Greece with One Day 3 Island Cruise Winter 2017/18$1,976Best of Hawaii First Class Summer 2017$4,136Best of Hawaii Moderate Summer 2017$3,893Best of Holland Belgium and Luxembourg summer 2017$2,426Best of Holland Summer 2017$2,048Best of Ireland Reverse Summer 2017$2,295Best of Ireland Summer 2017$2,295Best of Ireland and Scotland Summer 2017$3,578Best of Israel Winter 2017/18$2,876Best of Morocco Summer 2017$2,038Best of Portugal Summer 2017$2,246Best of Scotland Summer 2017$1,796Best of South America Summer 2017$5,588Best of Spain Summer 2017$3,285Best of Switzerland Summer 2017$2,723Best of Turkey Winter 2017/18$2,025Best of the Canyonlands Summer 2017$2,273Best of the Italian Lakes Best of the Italian Lakes$2,093Best of the West Summer 2017$2,076Bohemian Highlights Summer 2017$3,218Britain and Ireland Delight Winter 2017/18$1,526Britain and Ireland Experience summer 2017$2,183Britain and Ireland Explorer summer 2017$2,903Britain and Ireland Grandeur Reverse Summer 2017$5,603Britain and Ireland Grandeur Summer 2017$5,216Britain and Ireland Highlights Summer 2017$2,498Britain and Ireland Panorama Summer 2017$4,455Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef Summer 2017$801California and the Golden West Summer 2017$2,385Californias Great National Parks Summer 2017$3,128Canadas Rockies Summer 2017$2,481Canyon Country Showcase Summer 2017$2,318Castles And Kilts summer 2017$2,678Castles and Manors summer 2017$3,015Christmas Markets of Austria Germany and Switzerland Winter 2017/18$1,886Classic China 2017$3,735Classic China with Yangtze Cruise and Chengdu 2017$6,386Colourful Trails of the Southwest Summer 2017$3,038Colourful Trails of the Southwest with Balloon Fiesta Summer 2017$3,506Contrasts of New Zealand Summer 2017$3,398Cossack Explorer Summer 2017$2,543Costa Rica Eco Adventure End Liberia Summer 2017$2,016Costa Rica Eco Adventure End San Jose Summer 2017$2,016Costa Rica Eco Adventure with Guanacaste Summer 2017$2,448Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina summer 2017$1,598Cultures and Contrasts of South America Summer 2017$10,238Days of Devotion Summer 2017$2,015Delights of London and Paris Winter 2017/18$2,633East Coast USA and Canada Summer 2017$4,684Edwardian Lords and Ladies including Highclere Castle Edwardian Lords and Ladies including Highclere Castle$1,436Egyptian Voyager Winter 2017/18$2,696Enchanting Canadian Maritimes Summer 2017$3,571Enchanting Emerald Isle Summer 2017$1,796England and Scotland Heritage summer 2017$1,616Englands Castles Manors and Gardens Summer 2017$3,146English and Irish Faith summer 2018$3,156Essence of Eastern Canada Summer 2017$1,487Essence of Eastern Canada with Maritimes Cruise Inside Cabin Summer 2017$3,760European Delight summer 2017$2,385European Discoverer summer 2017$5,108European Highlights with Eurostar Extension Winter 2017/18$2,183European Interlude End London Summer 2017$4,455European Magic summer 2017$2,408European Spotlight Summer 2017$3,866European Supreme End London Summer 2017$7,916European Wonderland summer 2017$3,555Fall Colours of New England Summer 2017$1,953Festive St Petersburg and Moscow NEW Winter 2017/18$1,976Flavours of Italy Summer 2017$3,128Floridas Sunshine Trail Summer 2017$3,623From Cuban Cigars to American Cars Summer 2018$5,756German Christmas Markets Winter 2017/18$1,845Glimpse of Europe summer 2017$1,526Grand Italian Experience Summer 2017$4,388Great East Coast Cities Summer 2017$3,285Great European Summer 2017$7,376Great Italian Cities Winter 2017/18$2,426Grecian Magic summer 2017$1,976Grecian Magic with 3 Day Aegean Cruise Moderate summer 2017$2,934Grecian Magic with 3 Day Aegean Cruise Superior summer 2017$3,078Greek Island Explorer summer 2017$2,048Hawaiian Discovery Moderate Summer 2017$4,226Hawaiian Explorer Moderate Summer 2017$3,308Hawaiian Explorer Moderate Summer 2018$3,735Highland Trail inspired by Outlander Summer 2017$3,465Highlights of Austria Slovenia and Croatia summer 2017$3,825Highlights of Bohemia summer 2017$2,048Highlights of Eastern Europe Summer 2017$3,686Highlights of France and Barcelona Summer 2017$2,835Highlights of France summer 2017$2,228Highlights of Germany summer 2017$1,778Highlights of Peru Summer 2017$2,579Highlights of Poland NEW Highlights of Poland *NEW*$1,733Highlights of Scandinavia summer 2017$2,453Highlights of Sicily NEW Highlights of Sicily *NEW*$1,424Highlights of Spain Morocco and Portugal summer 2017$2,138Highlights of Spain and Portugal Winter 2017/18$2,336Highlights of Turkey summer 2017$1,575Highlights of Vietnam Highlights of Vietnam$3,533Highlights of the Italian Lakes summer 2017$1,239Historic Highlights Summer 2017$2,633Hong Kong and Macau Experience 2017$1,991Iberian Explorer summer 2017$1,733Iconic Ireland and Ashford Castle Summer 2017$2,813Iconic Rockies and Western Canada Summer 2017$4,300Imperial Highlights summer 2017$1,441Imperial Highlights with Oberammergau Imperial Highlights with Oberammergau$2,228Impressions of South America Summer 2017$4,221In the Footsteps of the Incas Summer 2017$4,706Irish Experience Summer 2017$2,543Irish Highlights Winter 2017/18$1,342Irish Wonder summer 2017$1,301Italian Concerto summer 2017$3,083Italian Discovery Summer 2017$2,745Italian Dream summer 2017$1,441Italian Holiday Summer 2017$1,845Italian Scene summer 2017$1,733Italy Bellissimo Summer 2017$3,128Jewels of France NEW summer 2017$1,441Jewels of Italy Winter 2017/18$1,218Jewels of Italy with Oberammergau Jewels of Italy with Oberammergau$2,408Jordan Experience Winter 2017/18$1,342Jordan Experience summer 2017$1,421Jordan Experience with Dead Sea Extension Winter 2017/18$1,755Land of the Gods summer 2018$3,915Land of the Incas Summer 2017$5,354Leisurely Japan 2017$5,666Leisurely Rajasthan with Mumbai 2017$4,163London Explorer Winter 2017/18$2,318Madrid to Rome Summer 2017$3,353Majestic Alaska Summer 2017$3,465Majestic Alaska with Glacier Discovery Cruise Inside Stateroom Summer 2017$5,184Melbournes Food and Wine Discovery Summer 2017$860Mexicos Copper Canyon and Colonial Cities Summer 2017$3,146Mexicos Great Copper Canyon Summer 2017$1,719Mexicos Great Copper Canyon including Phoenix Accommodation Summer 2018$1,998Monkeys Jungles and Volcanoes Summer 2017$2,123National Parks Wonders Summer 2017$2,858Natural Wonders of Costa Rica Summer 2017$2,948Natural Wonders of Costa Rica Summer 2018$3,195New Zealand Splendour Summer 2017$5,198Nordic Adventure Nordic Adventure$4,946Northern California Summer 2017$2,903Northern Discovery with Rural Homestay Summer 2017$2,696Northern Italy Including Cinque Terre Summer 2017$2,156Northern Lights of Iceland including the Blue Lagoon Winter 2017/18$2,678Northern Spain Summer 2017$2,498Panoramic Canadian Rockies Summer 2017$2,090Paris Explorer Winter 2017/18$2,156Patagonian Grand Adventure Summer 2017$5,571Perfect Tasmania Summer 2017$4,946Piedmont and the Italian Lakes summer 2017$2,156Pilgrimage to Poland summer 2018$1,823Pioneer Adventures of the Old West Summer 2017$2,516Prague Vienna and Budapest Winter 2017/18$1,796Real Britain Summer 2017$2,003Real Britain Winter 2017/18$1,796Real Italy Winter 2017/18$2,385Red Center Sights And Sounds Summer 2017$937Rome Explorer Winter 2017/18$2,115Rome and Tuscan Highlights summer 2017$2,426Rotorua Discovery Summer 2017$1,302Route 66 Summer 2017$4,433San Francisco and Wine Country Delights Summer 2017$2,835Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords Summer 2017$4,005Scotlands Highlands Islands and Cities Summer 2017$3,488Secrets of Cambodia with Laos 2017$3,596Secrets of Ecuador Summer 2017$2,768Secrets of France summer 2017$3,848Secrets of Greece including Corfu summer 2017$3,218Secrets of Myanmar 2017$4,046Secrets of the Rockies and Glacier National Park Summer 2017$4,465Simply Italy Winter 2017/18$1,935Singapore Experience 2017$1,166Sound of Music summer 2017$2,475Sound of Music with Oberammergau Sound of Music with Oberammergau$3,195South America Landscapes Summer 2017 - NEW$5,758Southern Capitals City Meets Bush Summer 2017$1,736Southern Italy and Sicily Summer 2017$2,565Southern Spectacular Summer 2017$3,488Spanish Experience summer 2017$1,321Spanish Wonder Winter 2017/18$1,823Spectacular Bay of Islands Summer 2017$1,047Spectacular Canadian Rockies Summer 2017$3,142Spectacular Canyons and National Parks End Rapid City Summer 2017$2,426Spectacular Canyons and National Parks Summer 2017$2,426Splendours of Japan 2017$4,856Switzerland and Austria Summer 2017$3,416Sydney Reef and Rainforest Summer 2017$3,645Sydneys Food and Wine Discovery Summer 2017$1,158Tales of the Old South Summer 2017$2,948Tastes and Sounds of the South Summer 2017$3,195Tastes of Southern Australia Summer 2017$4,136The Big Apple Niagara and Washington DC Summer 2017$1,760The Californian Summer 2017$3,533The Life of Martin Luther Summer 2017$1,940The Southern Drift Summer 2017$5,828The Trailblazer Summer 2017$2,516The Treasures of France Summer 2017$2,336Tokyo with Mt Fuji 2017$2,453Traditional Europe Summer 2017$5,468Trails of Liberty Summer 2017$2,475Treasures of China 2017$6,908Treasures of Ireland Summer 2017$1,358Treasures of Thailand 2017$3,173Treasures of Thailand with The Golden Triangle 2017$4,316Treasures of the Yucatan Summer 2017$2,038Tropical Reef and Rainforest Summer 2017$962Ultimate Iceland Summer 2017$4,748Uluru Highlights Summer 2017$605WWI and WWII Battlefields Summer 2017$3,443Western Discoverer with Disneyland Extension Summer 2017$4,608Western Frontiers end Rapid City Western Frontiers end Rapid City$3,128Wild West Cowboys and Buffalos End Rapid City Summer 2017$3,015Wonderful France Winter 2017/18$2,336Wonders of Ancient Egypt Winter 2017/18$3,195Wonders of Sri Lanka 2017$3,105Wonders of St Petersburg and Moscow summer 2017$2,183Wonders of Turkey summer 2017$1,342Wonders of the Canadian Rockies Summer 2017$1,872Wonders of the Canadian Rockies with Alaska Cruise Inside Cabin Summer 2017$3,562