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Holguin Vacations: Package Holidays Offering Great Value and Natural Beauty

General Information About Holguin Vacations

All-inclusive Holguin vacations offer a unique opportunity to explore Cuban culture and natural beauty in the country's third largest city, after Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Located in the north-east of Cuba, the city of Holguin has a history dating back to 1545 when it was founded by Captain Garcia de Holguin, a Spanish military officer. Holguin has a long history of being a major grower of beans, corn, coffee and sugar cane in Cuba, and also boasts modern industrial and technological institutions including the Cerveceria Bucanero brewery (a joint venture with Labatt of Canada), as well as world-renowned medical facilities, Villa El Quinque and Villa El Cocal. All-inclusive Holguin vacations provide a great opportunity for tourists to experience old and new, urban and natural beauty, in one of the most popular holiday destinations in Cuba.

Arguably the greatest attraction that draws all-inclusive Holguin package holiday tourists to this destination is the superb natural beauty of this region of Cuba. The rugged beauty of the surrounding mountainous landscape inspired Christopher Columbus, in 1942, to proclaim that this was "the most beautiful land eyes have ever seen." Holguin's mountains and tropical forests remain virtually untouched to this day, and offer all-inclusive Holguin vacationers great ecotourism opportunities. In addition, all-inclusive Holguin vacations offer great access to exquisite beaches and world-class scuba diving sites, making this destination a true nature-lover's paradise.

Sand and Sun on Your Holguin Vacation

Holguin vacation packages provide tourists with access to 41 natural beaches including Esmeralda, Pesquero, Guardalavaca, and Yaraguanal.  The beautiful white sand beaches of Holguin are generally considered to be of very good quality, offering varying degrees of access to outstanding near-shore diving and snorkelling opportunities. In particular, Playa Esmeralda and Guardalavaca offer outstanding crescent-shaped beaches that are near to spectacular dive sites.

Holguin is situated in the north-east of Cuba, but it should be noted that the north coast of the eastern end of Cuba is relatively further south than other destinations further west in Cuba. Therefore, temperatures for all-inclusive Holguin vacations are some of the best in Cuba, with relatively minimal seasonal fluctuation. During the winter season, average low temperatures rarely dip below 20?C, with average high temperatures reaching up to 30?C – wonderful weather for any all-inclusive Holguin package holiday, although evenings can occasionally be rather cool in winter. During the summer months, average temperatures at both the high and low end tend to ratchet upward by 5?C, with daytime high temperatures occasionally reaching the 40?C mark. Although springtime is considered to be the ideal time for Holguin package holiday weather, good weather can be experienced in this destination at any time of the year.

Hurricane season, with its unpredictability of storm events, typically lasts from July through November, peaking from mid-August to mid-November. You should be aware that bad weather systems may occasionally affect Holguin vacations. However, when booking Holguin vacation packages, you can rest assured that tour operators will not fly you into a hurricane and will act fast to get you out in the event of any development.  You can find great Holguin vacation package deals during hurricane season, and the economic advantage is well worth considering. We recommend that you speak with one of our tripcentral agents to fully understand the great value benefit vs. limited risk associated with travel to this region during hurricane season.

Things to See and Do on Your Holguin Package Vacation

The main attractions that draw tourists to all-inclusive Holguin vacations are focussed around nature – excellent scuba diving and snorkelling, ecotourism in the surrounding tropical forests and mountains, and multiple white sand beaches featuring all of the vacation water sports and fun activities that vacationers have come to expect. While on an all-inclusive Holguin vacation, enjoy mountain hikes, swim with the dolphins, and discover the vibrant aquatic life that can be found inhabiting the 900 metres of coral reef in nearby waters. All-inclusive Holguin vacations are the perfect holiday option for nature-lovers of all ages.

In addition to the unique natural environment that an all-inclusive Holguin package holiday has to offer, the urban centre of Holguin city provides plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Holguin locals refer to their city as "the city of parks," and there are at least 6 parks worth exploring in the city centre, each featuring one monumental detail. Cathedral de San Isidro, located in Parque Peralta, one of Holguin's famous parks, adorns the city centre. This cathedral, built in 1770 (restored in recent years), features a grand bell tower and beautiful aesthetic that inspires even the most amateur photographer. For the best view of the city, many Holguin package holiday tourists take the time to climb the 450 steps to Loma de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross). This hilltop location features a lookout tower and a large cross that was erected in 1790, and offers an outstanding panoramic view over the city of Holguin. All-inclusive Holguin vacations offer even more cultural attractions, including museums, historical sites of interest, and more. Nightlife, dining and shopping opportunities are rather limited in Holguin, yet this tends to suit most Holguin tourists who choose to take advantage of the great value offered at the all-inclusive resorts.

All-Inclusive Holguin Vacation Package Availability, Accommodations, and Value

Year round Holguin packages are only offered from Toronto and Montreal for those who wish to travel during the off season. However, seasonal Holguin package holidays tend to be mostly available out of Toronto and Atlantic Canada. Holguin is a relatively small travel destination, offering fewer hotels that are primarily concentrated over a couple of beaches. All-inclusive Holguin package holiday hotels are relatively isolated, and vacationers tend to stick close to the resorts unless going out on a planned excursion to one of Holguin's many sites of interest.

Al-inclusive Holguin vacations are the perfect package holiday for the budget-minded traveller who can appreciate all that this great destination has to offer. In general, Holguin package holidays are less expensive than Varadero, but offer newer 4-star hotels that are generally considered to be good quality and value.

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Important Travel Information for Holguin

  • ATMNone
  • Bars and Night LifeVery Limited, Only In Hotels
  • Car RentalsRight-hand Drive - Available
  • CasinosNone
  • Credit CardsGenerally Accepted In Tourist Areas - American Express Not Accep
  • DivingGood - Nearby Reef
  • GolfNone
  • Hurricane SeasionJune To October
  • Latitude21.125658
  • Longitude-75.828838
  • Rainy SeasonMay - November
  • RestaurantsStrictly Limited To Hotels
  • Sight SeeingLimited
  • Time ZoneEastern
  • VegetationMostly Developed For Tourism Or Agriculture
  • WaterBottled Water Recommended For Drinking And Brushing Teeth
  • Water SportsLimited To Hotel Offerings

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Playa Guardalavaca Beach - Holguin, Cuba

Playa Guardalavaca Beach - Holguin, Cuba

Playa Guardalavaca Beach - Holguin, Cuba Playa Guardalavaca Beach - Holguin, Cuba Playa Guardalavaca Beach - Holguin, Cuba Playa Guardalavaca Beach - Holguin, Cuba


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