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Situated just 200 metres from the heart of Varadero, Barcelo Solymar is a lively resort ideal for families and individuals looking for some fun and excitement. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a friendly reception and a bright and spacious lobby. The hotel is divided into two areas of accommodation. Barcelo Solymar provides an ideal setting for couples.

Stay close and learn the art of archery. Familiarize yourself with a new language. Or spend some time kayaking in the expansive waters. You will not run out of things to do in Barcelo Solymar Arenas Blancas. There is also a beauty salon in the vicinity - perfect for travellers looking to unwind and relax. So treat yourself to a spa or massage and come home feeling rejuvenated.

After a relaxing day, take the opportunity to explore the city’s active nightlife. The resort is in close proximity to downtown Varadero and is in walking distance to nightclubs such as Havana Club. If disco is more your jive, there is a bar in the main building, convenient for people wishing to stay in the hotel.

Barcelo Solymar offers extensive dining and drinking options, which is available 24 hours. Guests can choose between 4 buffet restaurants and 10 bars. Reservations are required for the a la carte dining options. Depending on the tour operator, each guest may be entitled to 2-3 reservations per week.

Enjoy the flavour of Cuba with Barcelo Solymar’s bright large rooms. Fall in love with the amazing views of the ocean and gardens, and wake up each day with a smile on your face. The rooms come with a Plasma television, iPod dock, a safe, and climate control.

For more information about Barcelo Solymar, our travel agents who have been there would be happy to speak with you!

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Important Travel Information for Barcelo Solymar

City TextCentral Varadero
Transit Time45
Transit Distance25
Number Of Rooms525
Number Of Pools2
Beach FrontOn The Beach
Year Built2001
Child From48
Child To144
Kids ProgramYES
International BarSELECT
Fitness RoomYES
Longitude -81.243253

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3.5 out of 5 stars (66 Customer Reviews)

 - 21 hours ago

Verified Purchaser

Unfriendly/Lazy Staff and Bars close at 2am !!!

I've stayed at Barcelo Solymar in May 2015. It was my 6th trip to Cuba. First, I've never seen such unfriendy/lazy staff members. What heppened to the ``Hola`` that we used to get all the time!?. In this resort, the staff barely looks at you. Please do not ask for anything that would make them work harder because if you do ask.... they will make false excuses not to get you what you asked for. Example: you ask for a drink, cheese or fries. They first say they don't have it. Then you insist by telling them that you had some a few hours ago or the table next to you have some. Like magic...the drink, cheese or fries are now on the table. They are just too lazy to get it for you!!! Note: not putting all waiters in the same boat. This is based on my experience. Second, all bars on this resort.including the beach bar closes at 2am. No music. no drinks after that time! I have to admit that the website does mention the opening hours. However, having been in cuba 5 times in the past and having never seen a resort where drinks were not available 24/7 or at least till 4am, I had never thought of checking the bar's openning hours before booking. So if you want to party on the resort, do not go to this one. On a positive note, the beach is amazing. The food is pretty good if you base it on Cuban standards. The hotel is a bit run down but again...we cannot expect much from Cuban resorts. Cheers

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