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Turkey Vacations

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Turkey Vacations

Having a foot in both Europe and Asia, there are numerous points of interest, cultural sites and ancient wonders waiting to be discovered in Turkey. Turkey is truly unique – perfect for the adventurous tourist in search of something a little different. For anyone wishing to explore the wonders of human history and culture, Turkey vacations are a great option. European and Asian history and cultural influence is apparent, where sights, sounds, and tastes are something special. In addition to the region's rich history, the local people are friendly, and the food is great, making a Turkey holiday a well-rounded vacation experience not to be missed. Consider taking a Turkey tour or arrange flights and hotels separately with the help of our travel agents.

Attractions: Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, is home to many great cultural and historical sites. Home to Ottoman Sultans through centuries of Ottoman rule, Topkapi Palace is a wonderful structure, appreciated for its historical significance as much as its riches. Hagia Sophia is both a former mosque and a former church that draws many tourists. Blue Mosque, adorned with beautiful blue tiles, is a wonderful monument to Ottoman religious expression. And how better to see the beauty of the Istanbul cityscape than from the water, cruising on the Bosphorus.

Cappadocia in central Turkey offers even more natural, historical and cultural wonders. The Underground City offers a view of truly amazing construction that penetrates deep within rock to form dwellings for various peoples throughout history. Also carved of rock, the Open Air Museum provides tourists with the opportunity to explore a monastic complex of several Orthodox churches. The Fairy Chimneys natural rock formations are also a wonderful sight. Kusadasi, situated along Turkey's Aegean coast, is one of the great cities of the Greeks and a sacred Christian site worth exploring. Turkey's main seaside resort town, Antalya, is well-known for its natural beauty, historical points of interest, and great hotels. Konya, the former capital of the Seljuk Empire, is home of the Whirling Dervish (Mevlevi) Order, well-known for their practice of whirling as a form of praise to God.  For those wishing to round out a Turkey vacation with a bit of beach time, Bodrum is a gorgeous town that offers a good, wide beach that is well-appreciated by both locals and tourists

Turkey vacations are loaded with opportunities to explore great history and Turkish culture. Speak with one of our tripcentral agents to find the vacation package that suits your needs!

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