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Important Travel Information for Dominican Republic

  • Canadian Citizens RequireValid Canadian Passport Required As Of May 1, 2012
  • Electricity110
  • English SpokenWell Spoken In Tourism
  • Official CurrencyDominican Peso, Us Dollars Are Also Accepted Everywhere.
  • Official LanguageEnglish
  • Population8190000
  • Tipping10% Normally Included In Bill.
  • US Citizens RequireAs Of May 1, 2012; A Valid Canadian Passport Is Required

Dominican Republic Vacations: All-Inclusive Package Holidays Offering Something for Everyone

General Information about Dominican Republic Vacations:

For those who appreciate great all-inclusive travel value, an all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacation package is a great sun holiday option, well worth considering, and extremely popular with Canadian consumers. With multiple resort destinations located along the Domincan coast, all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacations have a great variety to offer. The majority of Dominican Republic vacation travellers choose Punta Cana as their holiday destination, due to its relatively modern resorts, great golf and touring options, and fantastic value. Although not as popular as Punta Cana, Puerto Plata attracts a good number of Dominican Republic vacation travellers, with La Romana, Samana, and Santo Domingo rounding out the varied selection of Dominican Republic holiday destinations.

Dominican Republic vacations generally offer great value, good weather, variety, and overall availability throughout the year. All-inclusive Dominican Republic packages are widely available from across Canada with great departure frequency. Although many Dominican Republic package vacationers choose to stick close to the resorts, maximizing on the all-inclusive value and minimizing any potential safety risks, it should be noted that there is a lot to see and do in the Dominican Republic. For those who wish to venture out, particularly at night, stick to the busy tourist areas and use common sense – take only what you need with you, and remember that there is safety in numbers. When exploring in Sousa, what may be considered the Acapulco of the Dominican Republic, be sure to act responsibly to avoid any safety issues. Generally, all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacations are situated in areas that are well-policed, and there is little to worry about. For getting around off of the resort on your Dominican Republic vacation, driving is not recommended, but taxis are readily available in tourist locations, and tours are a great way to experience the Dominican Republic surroundings.

Delight Your Senses with an All-Inclusive Dominican Republic Vacation Package

Although English is generally spoken in all Dominican Republic vacation tourist destinations, Spanish is the native language, and brushing up on a few Spanish words and phrases will go a long way to aiding you in your exploration of this wonderful country, as English is limited outside of the resort areas. The Dominican Republic has a rich culture – a combination of European, Spanish, and Latin American influence – and Dominican Republic vacations, depending on the specific destination, present tourists with plenty of opportunity to interact with the local people. The locals are generally warm and friendly, laid back and adapted to tourism. Service levels provided for Dominican Republic vacations are generally good, but it pays to be patient.

On an all-inclusive Dominican Republic package holiday, tourists can expect to find a good variety of foods, particularly when dining in the all-inclusive resort restaurants. Apart from the resorts, dining on a Dominican Republic vacation may be considered, by comparison, better than Cuba, and perhaps not quite as good as Mexico, despite the improved offering in recent years. Seafood is big in the Dominican Republic, as well as traditional rice and beans. Good music tends to accompany good food and drink on a Dominican Republic vacation, and the lively Latin beats and Merengue dancing are not to be missed.

The Dominican Republic landscape is varied, depending on the specific Dominican Republic vacation destination. The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, which is generally mountainous and lush. All-inclusive Dominican Republic package holiday resorts themselves vary widely in age and construction, catering to a wide variety of tastes. Along with the geography, the Dominican Republic vacation beaches also vary, although most are good.

Sun and Sand on Your Dominican Republic Vacation

For real beach lovers, all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacations are a great option, especially in Punta Cana where the beaches are truly outstanding. Punta Cana beaches are wide and long, with powdery sand, making Punta Cana the first pick for beach-loving Dominican Republic vacation travellers. Bavaro Beach, in Punta Cana, is arguably the best beach that Dominican Republic vacations have to offer. As a close second to the beaches in Punta Cana, the beaches in La Romana are outstanding, making this a comparable choice for those in search of a beach-lover's paradise. Otherwise, beaches vary in quality throughout the Dominican Republic, but the overall quality is generally good, waters are typically calm and swimmable, and those in search of a great holiday at the beach should not be disappointed with an all-inclusive Dominican Republic package holiday.

All-inclusive Dominican Republic vacations generally feature good weather all year round, with an average annual temperature of 25°C (77°F). Dominican Republic vacation temperatures vary slightly between summer and winter months, with less humidity in winter, and temperatures cooling down more in the winter evenings, from November to April. All-inclusive Dominican Republic vacations in the winter months feature high temperatures around 28°C (83°F), and evening lows of around 20°C (68°F), with summer temperatures averaging a few degrees higher – great all year round. Review individual destination pages on our tripcentral web site for specific weather information, and speak with one of our agents to ensure that you select a Dominican Republic vacation destination that is right for you.

Hurricane season, with its unpredictability of storm events, typically lasts from July through December, peaking from mid-August to mid-December. Although Dominican Republic vacations are rarely impacted by hurricanes, the possibility remains. However, when booking Dominican Republic vacation packages, you can rest assured that tour operators will not fly you into a hurricane, and will act fast to get you out in the event of any development. You can find great Dominican Republic vacation package deals during hurricane season, and the economic advantage is well worth considering. We recommend that you speak with one of our tripcentral agents to fully understand the great value benefit vs. limited risk associated with travel to this region during hurricane season.

Dominican Republic Vacation Highlights: Finding the Destination that Best Suits Your Needs

In general, all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacations offer great overall value. But to maximize value, it is important to choose a particular destination that offers the best balance of options to suit your particular needs. Those in search of a premium beach, for instance, may not be concerned with the quality of the local restaurants and nightlife on their Dominican Republic package holiday. Speaking with one of our tripcentral agents is the best way of ensuring that your travel needs are met, as they can greatly assist you in filtering through each of the various destinations' strongest qualities. The information on this page provides a good starting point for measuring up each of the Dominican Republic vacation destinations. Reading the individual Dominican Republic vacation destination pages, available on our tripcentral web site, will help to expand on the various qualities of each destination. However, due to the large volume of information to filter through in coming to a decision, it is recommended that you speak with one of our "agents who've been there."

In general, the Cultural experience of Dominican Republic vacations depends on the degree to which the Dominican Republic landscape is explored outside of the resort areas. Dominican Republic packages may not offer the richest cultural experience when compared with other sun destinations, but there is still much to see. For eco adventure, consider a Dominican Republic vacation to Punta Cana, where the options are good. For snorkelling and scuba diving, an all-inclusive Dominican Republic package in Punta Cana or La Romana would be the best option, although the Dominican Republic is not really known for its quality scuba and snorkelling. Likewise, for the avid golfer, Punta Cana should be your first choice for an all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacation, with Santo Domingo coming in at a close second. Punta Cana offers up to 12 professionally designed golf courses, making all-inclusive Dominican Republic packages a great option for those who really love the game.

Nightlife varies from one Dominican Republic vacation destination to the next, but most Dominican Republic vacation destinations are not known for great nightlife. As a standout, Santo Domingo package holidays are a great option. Santo Domingo has a lot to offer, with lively, local, adventurous Latin nightlife to excite the senses.  For those who wish to dance the night away, Santo Domingo vacations feature great discos where tourists can mingle on the dance floor with locals.  If gambling is your preference, you will appreciate the many big casinos that await you on a Santo Domingo package holiday. In general, for those who wish to take advantage of urban culture on a Dominican Republic package holiday, as compared with those who can appreciate a more remote, resort-based all-inclusive experience, Santo Domingo is the place to go.

For the greatest variety of dining options, the urban environment of Santo Domingo is the place to be. Although dining options are available at all, for those with a focus on shopping, Punta Cana and Santo Domingo offer comparable opportunities. Despite offering the best Dominican Republic vacation shopping options, it should be noted that Dominican Republic vacations are not typically considered as a first choice for the shopaholic. Outstanding beaches, great weather, and lots of golfing options are the real draw for Dominican Republic vacations, and great value is there for those who can appreciate these qualities.

All-Inclusive Dominican Republic Packages: What to Know Before You Go

Before you go on your all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacation, it's good to know some basic information to ensure that your time away is hassle-free. Before you can enter the Dominican Republic for your all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacation, you will need to ensure that if you are a Canadian Citizen you have photo ID and a birth certificate, although a valid passport is recommended. For those planning to venture to areas outside of the resort for an extended period of time, to the interior of the island, a visit to a travel clinic for appropriate shots (malaria) is recommended. It is best to stick with bottled water to avoid any health-related issues. In general, use common sense in avoiding any questionable food or drink. The predominant religion in the Dominican Republic is Catholic, so during Holy Week many beach activities are curtailed.

Banking is widely available in all resort areas in the Dominican Republic, with the U.S. dollar being the accepted currency. Credit card acceptance is limited beyond the Dominican Republic vacation hotels, so travellers should be prepared with U.S. dollars prior to venturing away from the resort area. On a Dominican Republic vacation, it should also be noted that tipping is expected. If you are taking any electronics along on your all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacation, you'll be glad to know that the Dominican Republic shares the 110 volt North American standard, and no special adapters will be required to power your devices.

For those planning an all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacation wedding, there are a few details to be attended to in making arrangements. It is important to book your all-inclusive Dominican Republic package wedding early, especially in Punta Cana, to ensure availability and allow for adequate planning. Documents must be translated into Spanish, and there are limited numbers of persons to conduct legal ceremonies. All-inclusive Dominican Republic packages, particularly at some of the more intimate Dominican Republic destinations, are the perfect solution for those planning a wedding in the sun, but good planning and attention to detail is required, and we are here to help.

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Dominican Republic Vacations Pictures

Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R.

Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R.

Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R. Stunning white-sand beaches - Punta Cana, D.R.

Flag of Dominican Republic

Flag of Dominican Republic

Flag of Dominican Republic

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