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Important Travel Information for Jamaica

  • Canadian Citizens RequireValid Canadian Passport Required.
  • Electricity110
  • Official CurrencyJamaican Dollar, Us Dollars Also Widely Accepted.
  • Official LanguageEnglish
  • Population2772900
  • Tipping10-15% If Not Already Included
  • US Citizens RequireCanadian Passport Valid For Intended Stay

All-inclusive Jamaica Vacations

General information about all-inclusive trips to Jamaica

Jamaica all-inclusives generally offer good value, great weather and laid-back Jamaican culture. Home of Reggae music, Jamaica offers a variety of coastal destinations, many of which are favourites among Canadian travellers. The chill vibe appeals to singles, couples and families alike. From the calm serenity of Negril to the relative urban excitement of Montego Bay, Jamaica offers something for everyone. 

Although the official language in Jamaica is English, and English is spoken throughout the island, local linguistic styles vary from place to place, as the ingredients of Spanish, African, English, and Rastafarian are blended to produce a language as unique as the culture.

The tourism infrastructure is well-established, and all-inclusive vacation package resorts vary in age and construction. Like Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, Jamaica should be experienced at least once in a lifetime, and many travellers would agree that it is worth repeat visits. The warm, friendly locals and culture must be experienced first-hand – this is a place like no other.

Delight Your senses with an all-inclusive deal

Jamaican culture, influenced by the slave trade and European colonization, is truly unique, as seen in its language, music, dance and other arts. English-speaking tourists will not have trouble communicating in the resort areas. Jamaican patois, otherwise known as Jamaican creole – is a blend of English and African languages. It is not an official language of Jamaica, but it is commonly spoken by the locals to varying degrees. 

Locals are friendly, outgoing and extremely sociable. Jamaica vacations are often judged on one's own appreciation (or lack thereof) for the local people and customs – those who appreciate the locals tend to really appreciate their Jamaica vacations. Local vendors, eager for sales and accustomed to an 'in your face' approach, have toned down in recent years.

Jamaica provides tourists with a rich variety of foods that reflect the diversity of its urbanity. Those who can appreciate a little spice will enjoy the jerk-seasoned pork and chicken marinated with a blend of local spices that are known as 'jerk' seasoning. And no trip would be complete without sampling some of the local curries, rice, beans and fish dishes. 

All-inclusive Jamaica vacations also feature well-prepared resort food, which is generally well-received by visitors. For music lovers, particularly those who appreciate reggae and calypso styles, Jamaica vacations are most desirable. Where better to experience the sweet sounds of reggae music than in the homeland of Bob Marley! 

For true fans of Reggae music, February 6 is when the island comes alive in celebration of Bob Marley's birthday. Marley's birthday is the perfect time let loose and party hard, and most importantly to appreciate the music of this legendary musician and cultural icon. 

 Jamaica Sun and Sand 

Depending on the particular destination, Jamaica’s landscape varies from mountainous to comparably flat, all covered in lush greenery. The Jamaican mountains, also known for producing Blue Mountain Coffee, influence the climate to some degree across the island.

Jamaica features beautiful white sandy beaches and inviting warm waters. For the best beaches in Jamaica, stick with Negril and Montego Bay.

The weather in Jamaica is generally pleasing all year round, with high temperatures that range between 85°F-90°F, and with average lows hovering around 75°F. The rainy season, from May through October, brings approximately four inches of rain per month to some areas of Jamaica, while impacting others less due to their relative position to the mountains. However, rainfalls are typically brief, followed by sunshine, and overcast days are not common even during the rainy season. 

For those looking for more adventurous Jamaica vacations, take a tour into the mountains, but be aware that the temperatures can dip considerably lower at higher altitudes, so appropriate clothing should be considered.

Hurricane season, with its unpredictable storms, typically lasts from July through December, peaking from mid-August to mid-November. Although Jamaica vacations are not often impacted by hurricanes, the possibility exists. Fortunately, tour operators will not fly you into a hurricane, and they will act fast to get you out in the event of any development. If you’re willing to take a little risk, the financial benefits can be great when you travel to Jamaica during hurricane season. We recommend speaking with one of our vacation experts to fully understand the value-to-risk ratio. 

Finding the Destination that Best Suits Your Needs

Jamaica all-inclusive vacation packages offer great value. To truly enhance your experience, speak with a vacation expert about your individual needs and preferences. Those in search of a serene environment, such as Negril, may not be concerned with the quality of the local golf courses in Montego Bay, for example – and vice versa. Speaking with an agent who’s actually been there is the best way of ensuring that your travel needs are met, as they can greatly assist you in filtering through each of the various destinations' strongest qualities. 

Many people who experience Jamaica return to the island repeatedly. Whether it’s to the urban setting of Montego Bay, or the more secluded surroundings of Negril, laid-back Jamaican culture is pervasive. All Jamaican destinations offer their own unique attractions, but Ocho Rios offers the greatest access to all points of interest, including Dunn's River, sightseeing, golf and other attractions. For snorkelling and scuba diving, all Jamaican destinations have something unique to offer, including Negril Reef and above-average diving out of Montego Bay. For the avid golfer, Jamaica is a great option, and a trip to Ocho Rios or Montego Bay provides access to many professionally designed golf courses.

For those interested in great nightlife, Ocho Rios is a good option. Other destinations, such as Negril, offer fewer options for nightlife, limited to resorts. For the greatest variety of dining and shopping away from the Jamaica all-inclusive resorts, the urban setting of Montego Bay is the place to be. Although options may be limited compared with other sun destinations, Jamaica vacations provide access to the unique cuisine and craftwork of Jamaican culture.

Jamaica All-inclusive Vacation Packages: What to Know Before You Go

Before your trip, it's good to know some basic information to ensure that your vacation is hassle-free. 

  • Before you can enter Jamaica, you will need to have proof of Canadian citizenship in the form of a birth certificate and photo ID, although a valid passport is the best option. 
  • There are no medical shots required prior to taking Jamaica vacations. 
  • It is best to stick with bottled water to avoid any health-related issues.  
  • Regarding tourist safety on Jamaica vacations, it is important to note that many of the problems that occur stem from Kingston, a big city with a population in excess of 1 million. But Kingston is a long way from the Jamaica all-inclusive vacation resort areas, and problems may easily be avoided by using a bit of common sense – this is not a place to venture out alone at night. 
  • Banking/commerce on Jamaica vacations is primarily conducted in US currency. Credit cards are accepted in restaurants and hotels, but U.S. cash should be on hand for other uses. Although it is not necessary to have Jamaican currency on hand, be aware that change provided in a consumer transaction may be given in Jamaican currency. 
  • Many of the Jamaica all-inclusive properties implement a no tipping policy, although tipping is expected, and is generally 15%.
  • If you are taking any electronics, you'll be glad to know that Jamaica shares the 110 volt North American standard, and no special adapters will be required to power your devices.

All flights to tourist destinations fly into Montego Bay. Transfers to final destination vary in length, but can be considerable – 90 minutes to Negril and Whitehouse on the south-west coast, and 2 hours to Ocho Rios.

For those planning a destination wedding, Jamaica is a wonderful choice. It is important to book your all-inclusive vacation package wedding early to ensure availability and allow for adequate planning. All-inclusive vacation packages, particularly in the serenity of Negril, are the perfect solution for those planning a wedding in the sun, but good planning and attention to detail is required—our vacation experts are here to help. Speak with an agent who’s actually been there to ensure that you are aware of all of the requirements for a Jamaica wedding, and ensure that your special day is hassle-free.

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