10 Best Travel Apps for Worry-Free Travel

10 Best Travel Apps for Worry-Free Travel

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

Traveling has multiple perks. It leads to new friendships, lasting memories, and a greater understanding of varied cultures. But we all know that traveling can also be… well, rather stressful. Getting yourself ready days in advance, making sure you have everything for the trip. Finding the right hotel suitable to your needs and one accessible to all the major tourist spots. Even figuring out where the nearest washrooms are, and the best places to grab drinks and food. We all tend to get a very daunting to-do-list to go through prior any adventure. So for a worry-free travel, we at tripcentral.ca curated a list of downloadable apps essential for any escapade.

1.       Packing Pro

$2.99, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

If you’re the forgetful type – you can’t remember what day it is half the time – then Packing Pro is your travel solution. With Packing Pro, you can create a customizable list of items to pack using its extensive database, or pick from a pre-designed template (male, female, family, business, leisure, & etc.). You can even get the option of monitoring how many in the tally are checked off to guarantee that you won’t forget bringing another item with you again.

2.      TripIt

Free, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry

Organize your itineraries in one place with TripIt. Throw in flight information, maps, direction, things to do, and weather info all into this ingenious creation. If you’re anything like me and you like to keep things extra organized, then this is a definite must-have. You can also access your itinerary online in the unfortunate event that you misplace your phone.

3.      Mint

Free, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android

Have access to all your financial information (bank accounts, credit cards, & investments) while traveling with this handy app. Mint automatically combines all your financial information, so you can better manage your budget and track your expenses. Worried someone can access your information? Have no fear, money can’t be moved within the app itself. Besides, Mint is protected by the same 128-bit encryption that banks use.

4.      Onavo

Free, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android

Want to avoid the misfortunes of paying hundreds of dollars toward roaming charges? Get Onavo. Once installed, this app connects your phone to a cloud-based technology which compresses your data usage from apps, web browsing sessions, and even email. The app also provides a detailed monthly data report giving users a snapshot of which activity costs the most data.

5.      Oanda Currency Converter

Free, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry

Make traveling easier by downloading Oanda Currency Conveter, a currency converter that lets you choose from more than 190 currencies based on information supplied by leading market data contributors. It’s a useful when tool deciding whether or not a particular purchase is worth your time.

6.      OpenTable

Free, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Kindle

With OpenTable, it’s become a lot easier to make restaurant reservations on the go. Simply enter your party size, location, and date. The app will respond back with a list of available times at various eateries with different price points that are within the vicinity. Need to cancel? You can do that through the app.

6.      BestParking

Free, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry

Perfect for road trips and city driving, BestParking functions like a search engine directing consumers to the cheapest and most accessible parking spaces in the area. So no need to fret, this app will help you feel safer in unfamiliar cities.

8.      SitOrSquat

Free, iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Ever find yourself stranded in a city not knowing where the nearest washrooms are, with the SitOrSquat app, worry no more! With almost 95,000 bathrooms listed worldwide, this service helps users find not only the closest washrooms, but also provides information as to whether bathrooms have hand dryers, stalls, and handicap access.

9.      Google Goggles

Free, iPhone, Android

Want to know the name of the scenic landscape you accidentally stumbled across? Take a picture of it and upload it on google goggles. The app will compare the picture with its vast portfolio and provide back useful information about the picture. Pretty cool, huh?

10.     Vocre

Free, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Lost in translation? Vocre is an app that translates anything you say into the mic. Set the language you want to translate then enjoy the option of translating it into 66 different languages.

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