15 Most Awesome Themed Hotel Rooms – Part 3 of 3

15 Most Awesome Themed Hotel Rooms – Part 3 of 3

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

Today we’re wrapping it all up with the top 5 of our 15 Most Awesome Themed Hotel Rooms.

5. Disneyland Hotel: Mickey Mouse Penthouse Suite

Disneyland Hotel: Mickey Mouse Penthouse Suite

Image: Disneyland Hotel: Mickey Mouse Penthouse Suite

If you’re interested in sharing a room with one of Disney’s true icons, the Mickey Mouse Penthouse suite in Disneyland, California is what you’ve been waiting for. Covered with rarely seen artwork featuring Walt Disney himself, as well as Mickey, the suite perfectly captures Disney’s magical charm. It also boasts luxury hotel features aplenty – including a shower whose tiles display an image of everyone’s favourite mouse when they’re splashed with warm water. Better watch your wallet though: based on the prices of other rooms at the hotel, it’s going to set you back at least a few thousand dollars a night.

4. Art Luise Kunsthotel: Beneath the Red Horse Room

This next room is decorated in an attractive Mediterranean style, with one feature that immediately jumps out at you – literally: the titular red horse bursting through the wall is like something out of a surrealist fantasy. This playful touch lends an air of artistic whimsy to the room, and at a cost of between 39 and 54 Euros ($48-77) a night, it’s markedly more affordable than many of the other possibilities on this list. The hotel’s central Berlin location also makes it perfect for hitting the city’s tourist attractions, most of which are close by.

3. Propeller Island City Lodge: Space-Cube Room

For something that looks like a set from one of the Saw movies, the sci-fi themed Space-Cube room at Propeller Island City Lodge is actually pretty cosy. It’s equipped with a convertible single/double bed, and the glowing privacy screen in the middle is an optional feature and not, as it might first appear, a terrible descending blade! This modest but comfortable room illuminated in blue will definitely provide a talking point when you return from your vacation – assuming your friends and family have vivid imaginations, so they can work out what it all means!

2. Fantasyland Hotel: Western Room

This rustic little charmer will appeal to any self-respecting fan of John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. And despite the fact that it looks like a frontier home, Fantasyland’s quaint Western-themed room features all the goodies of their other luxury suites, including a large Jacuzzi and a 42-inch TV. It’s yours for a summer price of 388 Canadian dollars a night – though we’re not sure if they throw in some whiskey as well!

1. Hard Day’s Night Hotel: Paul McCartney Suite

If you always wanted to live like the “cute Beatle,” the McCartney Suite in the Hard Day’s Night Hotel should make you very happy indeed. This luxury room includes a king-sized bed, hi-speed Wi-Fi, and, of course, Beatles artwork decorating the walls. As for the price, it will set you back a cool £750 ($1,174) per night. Personally, we don’t think it’s quite as awesome as the room devoted to Paul’s song-writing partner (see above), but what do we know?

That wraps up our top 15 Most Awesome Themed Hotel Rooms! Which one(s) do you like best?

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  1. I just spotted  a Legoland themed hotel that’s under construction as we speak in Legoland California in Carlsbad — they’re taking reservations for May 2013! http://blog.pe.com/theme-parks/2012/11/11/legoland-theme-hotel-is-taking-reservations-for-may-2013/

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