3 Travel Reviews: Los Cabos, Holguin & Cayo Santa Maria

3 Travel Reviews: Los Cabos, Holguin & Cayo Santa Maria

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the follow up.  I wanted to send you a quick note to say how fantastic our trip to Los Cabos was. I would highly recommend the Riu Palace. The rooms are very clean and the view was amazing.

The a la carts are very hard to book as they only would book two days in advance. What we found was that even if you did not have a reservation and you went a little later in the evening,  you just had to wait one Mexican minute and they would eventually seat you.

The wine is not the best but Walmart was a quick taxi ride away if you wanted something a little more upscale.  The buffet was unbelievable. If you could not find something on there that you liked then there was something wrong.

We went whale watching, parasailing, and went to Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach all amazing. We wanted to do the dune buggy tropical tour but ran out of time.  The only down side to the whole vacation was having to come home.  We will return in a heart beat.

~~ Lorrie

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Playa Costa Verde

Hi Gina,

I just wanted to say thanks for your help.  On January 17th I entered your mall location in Hamilton.  I asked you to find a vacation package for my friend and I.  There was a catch.  We were wanting to leave within a few hours.  You found us a trip out of Toronto that left in just under three hours.  We made the trip to Pearson at speeds I won’t mention.  Turned in the rental car and hopped on a plane with so very little time to spare.

When we arrived in Holguin, nobody knew we were coming.  Cubans, being such an accommodating bunch, made it work.  We had a great time in Playa Costa Verde.  The resort is a little run down compared to other countries, but one of the nicest I’ve stayed at in Cuba.  The people were great.

Thanks to you, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful tour guide.  We are communicating almost daily and are planning to see each other again.  Meeting this wonderful Cuban woman would not have happened without you.  So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So thanks again and if I can use your services again, I most certainly will.


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Playa Cayo Santa MariaHi Spencer,

As promised, I said I would give you an update on our recent trip to Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria.  This trip has totally restored our faith in Cuba and we are looking forward to possibly returning in July.  From the cleanliness of the rooms, pools and resort to the friendliness of staff we were really impressed.

There were no “giant lineups” everywhere as stated in many of the reviews on Tripadvisor.  The Transat rep at the hotel said that the hotel was fully booked so I’m not sure what
other people were experiencing.  Perhaps it was the time of day they were utilizing the buffet as we were always there around 8am and there were no problems.

I must admit that the buffet could be a little more organized and the layout isn’t the
best but I certainly wouldn’t let it ruin my trip.  We haven’t been to a 5* in Cuba so we don’t have anything to compare it to but I would say for Cuba standards the HPCSM is right up there.  There are many other 5* resorts in other parts of the Caribbean that don’t have fresh squeezed orange juice for you every morning.

Anyway, we had a great time away and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  Thanks for answering all of my questions prior to our trip and I will keep an eye on pricing for the beginning of July and hopefully have the opportunity to book with you again!

Take care,

~ Lisa

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