33 Funny Questions posed to Travel Agents

33 Funny Questions posed to Travel Agents

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

It’s true not everyone is as worldly wise as someone who’s travelled to all four corners. And it’s also true that there are no stupid questions.

Still, there are some questions that you should avoid asking travel agents. Sometimes, if given just an extra moment of thought, one of two things will happen — either you’ll answer the question yourself, or you’ll realize it’s a ┬ásilly question.

Our vacation experts have heard it all — and some of the questions they get are truly funny. Here are 33 funny questions posed to travel agents on a semi-regular basis:

  1. Can you guarantee weather?
  2. What is the safest seat on a plane if it crashes?
  3. What would the cost be for a car rental to drive to Australia?
  4. How much does the bus cost to get from here to Africa?
  5. do you have cruises from toronto to china pls?
  6. Is this Tim Hortons?
  7. Is it safe to drink the bath water in Mexico?
  8. Can you watch my groceries while I do some more shopping in the mall?
  9. Can I take my cats on the cruiseship?
  10. Are there sharks in that ocean?
  11. Does the sun set there?
  12. How far do planes go?
  13. How do planes fly at night when it’s so dark?
  14. Am I speaking to a live agent?
  15. Do I have to bring my own bedding?
  16. Does the ship have lifeboats?
  17. Are there icebergs in the Caribbean?
  18. Can I get a refund if it rains?
  19. Is food included in an all-inclusive?
  20. Does “ocean-view” mean I’ll have a view of the ocean?
  21. Are there kids at the adult-only resort?
  22. Do I have to use my real name to buy the ticket?
  23. Is there a walking tour on the cruise?
  24. Do you have any resorts with a pool?
  25. Can you get me tickets for the Picadilly circus?
  26. Can I carry weapons on the plane?
  27. Does the time difference mean we’ll get there faster?
  28. Will there be noisy guests at the hotel?
  29. Is it windy on the beach?
  30. What time does the sun come up in Australia?
  31. What language do they speak in Spain?
  32. Can you give me a list of all the ATMs in Paris?
  33. Can we pet the lions on an African safari?

Have you asked a silly travel question you wish you could take back? Are you an agent who’s heard a funny question or two in your day? Tell us all about it! We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you … honest!


  1. When we were on a cruise ship, the entertainment director told us a passenger inquired of her, “Do these stairs go up or down?”

  2. I’m working with tourists in Crete island and one of the question the tourists make me is; Can I eat olives directly from the olive tree?

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