6 reasons you’ll ♥ our new trip matchmaker

6 reasons you’ll ♥ our new trip matchmaker

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

If you like our grid vacation search, you’ll love trip matchmaker. Enter your wants and needs to see the best quality vacation packages for your budget. It’s Canada’s biggest improvement in vacation searching since we introduced the grid 13 years ago. Here’s why:

1. Your Preferences, Matched

Choose up to three preferences from Beach, Casino, Dining, Family, Golf, Nightlife, Rooms, Sightseeing, Spa, and Weddings. Enter them in order of importance and your results will show how well each hotel matches using coloured dots. Selecting preferences is optional.

2. Best Quality For Your Budget

trip matchmaker finds the highest quality vacations at the lowest price. A bar graph will demonstrate the number of vacation packages within different price points. Choose your budget from the range provided. A minimum price is set to ensure you will always see results. Vacations that best meet your criteria will appear higher on the list.

trip matchmaker allows you to find vacations matched to your preferences.

3. Compare Hotels In Multiple Destinations At Once

Imagine you would only like to compare hotels in Punta Cana, Mayan Riviera, and Jamaica all on one screen. Use the Destination Selector to check and uncheck your desired destinations.

4. Eliminate Where You Don’t Want To Go

Let’s say you would like to compare hotels in all Sun Destinations except for Antigua. This is fast and easy by unchecking Antigua in the Destination Selector. Presto! Keep in mind your previous selections will affect your destination choices.

5. Compare Two or More Dates Side By Side

Choose your ideal date, and if you’re somewhat flexible, other nearby dates to compare prices in easy-to-read columns (Fri., Sat., Mon. only in three columns). Or, if you’re really flexible, compare prices over an 8-week period or over the entire year all on one screen.

6. Other Features

If you’d like a direct flight or adult-only resort, check the corresponding box. Enter the age of your children to filter hotels by room occupancy. For families travelling, enter the age of your children to filter hotels, choose your desired meal plan and keep in mind meal plan selections impact the destination selector options and vice-versa. Once you select a hotel, view the room categories and select your room type to narrow pricing.


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