8 Barbados hotels to consider

8 Barbados hotels to consider

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

The small but charming British Caribbean island has much in the way of stunning beaches and relaxing all-inclusive resorts. Our travel agent Robyn Plante from our Ottawa Carlingwood location recently returned from a 5-day visit to the island where she checked out 8 Barbados hotels to consider for your next vacation:

The Crane Resort, 4-star

The Crane Barbados hotels

  • 252 rooms: 10 x 3-bedroom, 60 x 2-bedroom, 182 x 1-bedroom
  • All rooms with laundry, fridges, stoves
  • Some rooms with rooftop or ground private pools
  • Not all-inclusive but meal plans available
  • Pink sand at beach
  • Private feel at beach between cliffs

Port Ferdinand Luxury Resort and Residences, 5-star

Port Ferdinand Luxury Resort and Residences Barbados hotels

  • 5-star services on site
  • Very nice kids club
  • Free water shuttle to beach
  • Boat parking outside your room if renting an apartment
  • Shared amenities with St. Peter’s Bay

St. Peter’s Bay Luxury Resort, 5-star

St Peter's Bay Luxury Resort Barbados hotels

  • Gated resort
  • Free WiFi throughout the resort complex
  • 1 free turtle tour per guest per stay
  • Good fit for families, teachers, couples
  • Can fit families of 6
  • Few 5-bedroom rooms fitting 10 adults available
  • Cost is per room, not per person
  • 1 parking spot included with room

Accra Beach Hotel & Spa, 4-star

Accra Beach Hotel & Spa Barbados hotels

  • Theme night twice a week with buffet outside
  • Hotel available as European-plan or all-inclusive
  • Lots of connecting rooms
  • Other than rooms with jacuzzis, only showers available in rooms
  • Adults-only pool
  • Island, pool or ocean-view rooms to choose from

Sandals Barbados, 4-star

Sandals Barbados hotels

  • 11 restaurants
  • 3 vill room types: Crystal Lagoon Village with balcony tubs, Beachfront Village with no tubs, and Caribbean Village are just standard rooms
  • Complimentary transfers to the airport
  • No tipping policy

Ocean Two Resort and Residences, 4-star

Ocean Two Hotel Barbados hotels

  • 88 rooms: small, family-run hotel
  • European-plan hotel
  • Can book to have chef come to your room and make dinner
  • Grocery pick-up by hotel available for stocked room upon arrival
  • 65 rooms are oceanview suites
  • Adults-only rooftop pool

Sugar Bay Barbados, 3-star

Sugar Bay Barbados hotels

  • All-inclusive resort
  • Kids club and teen club open 9a.m. to 9p.m. daily
  • Hammocks on the beach available
  • Check-out time is 12p.m. but hospitality suite for guests available if departing late
  • 3 pools, lots of restaurants

Hilton Barbados, 4-star

Hilton Barbados hotels

  • 350 rooms, all oceanview
  • Biggest hotel for number of rooms on island
  • Nice beach but swim at your own risk in rough waters
  • 6 styles of rooms throughout the resort

Where do you stay when you visit Barbados?

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