Airport Check-In Guide

Airport Check-In Guide

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

To help make your flying process a little bit easier, has created this airport check-in guide.   Learn how to prepare beforehand and what to expect during your time at the airport.  If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments below or contact your travel agent for details!

Before You Go: Preparing for your Flight

    • Verify the date, time, and seat assignment of your flight
    • Check your identification for validity (all documents must be valid for the duration
      of your trip and include your full name, date of birth, and gender)
    • If you booked a hotel and car rental for your trip, ensure you have all of your
      vouchers and confirmations
    • Ensure you have your out of province medical insurance
    • Have tags on all your baggage with your name and address for identification purposes.
      • It is recommended to use your work address according to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)
    • Research what is admissible in your carry-on and checked luggage
    • Ensure your checked bags are within the size and weight restrictions of your airline
    • Pack valuables and any medications in your carry-on luggage in the case of lost luggage
    • Check your flight status online before you leave for the airport

Arrive Early

    • Give yourself plenty time for parking, checking in, and security screening, especially during peak times.  Tardiness may result in cancellation or re-assigned seats
    • Procedures vary depending on the airport and destination

Airport Check-in


    • Have your documents and tickets ready
    • Check-in: Online, at the counter, or at the self-service kiosk
      •  Online Check-In
        • Check-in within the 24-hour period prior to departure
        • Prepare booking reference
        • Print boarding pass
    • Domestic Flights: Check-in 90 minutes prior with a valid photo id
    • International Flights: Check-in 3 hours prior with a valid passport (for some destinations, a passport must be valid for the following 6 months as well)

Security Screening

Airport Security

  • Gete rid of any excess liquids (like your water bottle) and ensure your liquids and gels are in the proper packaging
  • Have boarding pass and identification ready for inspection
  • Avoid wearing metal items (i.e. belts, piercings)
  • Remove your coat as well as your shoes and belt if asked
  • Place all carry-on items (including electronics) in a tray for screening
  • Walk through the scanner only when asked and make no comments about illegal activities
  • Be ready and at the assigned gate a half hour minimum prior to departure time

If you’re flying out of the Buffalo airport, check out our guide.

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