Most Common Lost & Found Items at All-inclusive Resorts

Most Common Lost & Found Items at All-inclusive Resorts

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong

Has anyone seen my shoes? I can’t find my sunglasses. Where did my book go? When you’re on vacation at an all-inclusive resort, lots of everyday items seem to grow legs and wander off, never to be seen again. Everything from flip-flops to iPads, it’ so important to keep an eye on your stuff. It’s too easy to take a dip in the ocean only to come out and forget which tree exactly you put your towel under. It’s even easier to have a couple of drinks, kick off your heels and dance the night away! But where did those shoes go, anyway?

Here are some of the most commonly misplaced and forgotten items found at all-inclusive resorts.


Shoes: Sandals, flip-flops, runners — it doesn’t matter what type of shoes you are (a-hem, you were) wearing, if you take them off, you’d better be sure you remember where you put them! My advice is to buy yourself a pair of super cheap flip flops to wander around the beach and pool areas. That way you can afford to lose a pair … or two!

This actually happened to my husband — he was genius enough (sorry, honey) to bring only the shoes on his feet. The first day at the Riu Playacar in Mexico, we head straight for the swim-up bar – ya, that’s where we spent a lot of our time! Anyway, on the first day, his sandals sprouted legs and took off. So here’s the thing, how do you go shoe shopping in Mexico when you don’t have any shoes? The answer: you send your ever-loving wife out on her own to get you new ones! (Hey guys, while she’s doing that, you may want to line up some butt-kissing activities for her when she gets back).

Glasses: sun glasses, prescriptions glasses, reading glasses. If you’ve taken off your glasses and put them down haphazardly, the odds of finding them again are slim. Could be because you can’t see now that you took them off! Again, get your reading glasses at the dollar store before you leave so you can afford to lose a pair or two. Prescription glasses, that’s a little trickier. Consider contact lenses instead, or get a super cool neck chain or lanyard to hang them from.

Gadgets: iPods, tablets, smart-phones, Kindles, watches, and oh so many others. Taking these items on vacation makes sense, so you can listen to some music on the plane, or read down at the beach. But be careful where you take them — better yet, where you leave them once you’re at an all-inclusive resort. If your watch isn’t waterproof, leave it in the hotel room safe. If you’re planning to take a dip in the ocean, leave the Kindle and iPod behind.

What are some of the things you’ve misplaced or forgotten while on vacation at an all-inclusive resort? Share your comments below!

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