What to expect at Amber Cove Cruise Port in the Dominican Republic

What to expect at Amber Cove Cruise Port in the Dominican Republic

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Step off the cruise shop and onto shore in the Dominican Republic and be welcomed to the quaint town of Amber Cove. Carnival’s cruise port in the Dominican, which started welcoming guests in the fall of 2015, is the newest cruise port in the Dominican Republic and the newest home to Carnival Cruise ships.

Just 12km north of Puerto Plata, the cruise port can handle 8,000 cruise passengers and 2,000 crew members each day looking to experience a glimpse of a Dominican Republic vacation. The port was an $85-million build, which has allowed cruise ships to dock along the Amber Coast for the first time since the 1980s.

Aerial view of Carnival boat docked at Amber Cove cruise port

Photo courtesy of Amber Cove

Enjoy the Amber Coast: enjoy a quiet, relaxing introduction to the Dominican, with activities ranging from beach boardwalks to swimming with dolphins, and exploring historic forts. Explore fort San Felipe, originally built to ward off pirates and now welcoming travellers looking for a taste of history. Shop for local amber, famous for being the clearest in the world and a brilliant orange hue.

The Amber Cove cruise port is a hub of activity in the northern Dominican Republic, with 25-acres offering pools, waterslides, restaurants, bars, shopping, and access points to over 40 shore excursions. One unique feature of the port is the transportation hub: go here to find taxi stands, bikes, and more to get out and explore – whether you’re just looking to get around the port, or wanting to explore the history and beautiful land of the Dominican beyond the port’s areas. You’ll be able to get out and explore the area’s historic towns, lush vegetation, and beyond either on your own, or as part of a shore excursion.

Couple ziplines over pool at Amber Cove with ocean in background

Photo courtesy of Amber Cove

Did you know? Amber Cove was the filming location of the first Jurassic Park film in 1993!

Though Amber Cove does not have its own beach, excursions offer access to private islands, the Riu beach, and a public beach neighbouring the cruise port. For the traveller looking to explore deeper into Puerto Plata, visit the Cabarate area between Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and Sosua for a larger stretch of beach where scuba, snorkeling, and sunbathing are aplenty! Another unique feature of the cruise port is the cabanas – overwater cabanas can be rented to enjoy a private deck, outdoor shower, A/C, WiFi and TV.

Opt to enjoy the manmade waterfalls on a stroll around the area, the shopping at the markets, zipling, and more, here. There truly is something for everyone in this port: Amber Cove Dominican Republic is a perfect peak into the adventure that awaits on a full all-inclusive Dominican Republic vacation.

View of pools and over-water bungalows in Amber Cove cruise port

Photo courtesy of Amber Cove

Any of Carnival Corp.’s brands, which include Carnival, Holland America, Costa, Cunard, and P&O will call Amber Cove home for port calls. Cruises from Miami can reach Amber Cove in a day and a half, while eastern Caribbean cruises will visit from Grand Turk or the Bahamas.


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