8 of the best street foods you’ll find in Europe

8 of the best street foods you’ll find in Europe

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

Europe is known for its famous eats and treats, with each region having something different they’re known for. On your next trip, we recommend you look beyond the cafes and authentic restaurants, though: Europe’s famous cities and stunning towns have some of the best street food you’ll find, a hub for unique, different, and delicious food. Whether you’re travelling to try new bites and treat your palate, or just want to grab something quick on your next vacation between tours and stops, we highlight some of the yummiest in European street food options:


Stroopwafel from the Netherlands should be on anyone's best street food in Europe list: follow your nose and find it.

Where you’ll find it: The Netherlands

What is it? Follow your nose to street carts making stroopwafel in the streets of Amsterdam and surrounding Dutch towns; you’ll find two thin waffles baked on a press with caramel sauce oozing out of the middle. Try your stroopwafel with a cup of joe and let the steam from the coffee warm your treat and melt the sugary filling.


Enjoy Zeppole in Italy for some of the best street food treats.

Where you’ll find it: Italy

What is it? Worried about missing your Tim Hortons and timbits? Find zeppole on many street corners throughout Italy. These small pastries, deep-fried and often filled with jams or jellies, are topped with icing sugar and in an easy-to-access paper bag for snacking throughout the day. A great idea for an on-the-go snack to enjoy while museum-hopping through Rome.


Zapiekanka is the national street food of Poland

Where you’ll find it: Poland

What is it? Zapiekanka is an open-faced sandwich topped and toasted with sautéed mushrooms, melted cheese, and then dosed in ketchup. Traditionally made on a baguette, zapiekanka is commonly larger than a foot-long sub and served hot. For the best zapiekanka, visit the Jewish quarter in Krakow and dish out 4 zlotys (approx. CDN $1.30) for an original (other options include feta cheese, and meat).


Turkey's famous Simit Bread, or bagels, are sold from plates on people's heads.

Where you’ll find it: Turkey

What is it? Look for bakers with large plates of bread on their head walking through the streets of Istanbul and buy your simit bread fresh. Simit, a Turkish bagel, is covered in sesame seeds and is traditionally eaten with tea, but the rings are also delicious on their own or with cheese and vegetables. Simit is traditionally sold as street food, piping hot and ready to go for an on-the-run snack.


Karelian pastries are known as some of the best street food from Finland.

Where you’ll find it: Finland

What is it? Karelian pastries are traditional Finnish snacks made with rye flour, rice, and butter; similar in size and shape to Canada’s traditional Beavertail, these tasty, yet salty, snacks can be bought throughout the country. Find this traditional food at markets and kiosks, alongside other savoury pies and cured fish.


For some of the best street food in Europe, try the spiral pancake on a stick in the Czech Republic; tredlnik!

Where you’ll find it: Czech Republic

What is it? A spiral pancake roasted and covered in sweet cinnamon sugar and walnuts, served on a stick for easy eating and walking. Find tredlnik served from food carts and roadside stands throughout Prague and other Czech cities; but the best might be in Prague’s Old Town Square: nothing beats dessert and the Astronomical Clock’s show. After all, you’re going to need some sweet, sweet carbs to give you the energy to see all that Prague has to offer.


Currywurst is the famous bratwurst from Germany steamed, fried, and dosed in curry ketchup.

Where you’ll find it: Germany

What is it? Ready to go to the next level with your German bratwurst? Try currywurst; the popular street food of Germany. Steamed, then fired sausage is then seasoned with curry ketchup and often served with onions, French fries, making this the perfect fast-food meal for a taste of the country on-the-go.


Whether sweet or savoury, crepes are a street food in France you can't miss.

Where you’ll find it: France

What is it? Almost a right of passage for visiting France, crepes are a French delicacy and eaten breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime in between. Filled with either ham and cheese and savory fillings for a meal, or chocolate and fruit to satisfy a sweet tooth, grab a crepe at any café, restaurant, or street vendor throughout the country: you won’t have to go hungry looking for one to try.

What do you consider the best street food in Europe? Let us know in the comments what we should add to our travel menu.


  1. Staffordshire England, OATCAKES, almost looks like a crepe but better, gets stuffed with both savoury and sweet, but usually bacon, cheese or sausage and cheese, its the most delicious treat ever and usually only made in Staffordshire area …..YUM

    • That sounds delicious, Carol! I’ll have to add that to my list of food travel 🙂

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