Boeing 737 MAX-8 Series Aircraft Grounding

Boeing 737 MAX-8 Series Aircraft Grounding

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This is a situation unlike any other we’ve encountered over the years, as we’re unable to search for affected clients based on aircraft type. In global disasters, our crisis team gathers all affected client details and proactively offer clients options provided by individual supplier. With the inability to separate client bookings based on aircraft type, we’re unable to methodically contact affected guests prior to departure. As a result, we’re closely monitoring communications from all suppliers affected by this worldwide grounding, and are alerting our affected clients as we’re made aware of any change to an itinerary.

All affected airlines are managing schedules on a day to day basis, with imminent departures of highest priority. We ask for your patience and understanding as we’re forced to rely on details provided by various suppliers. Since this has universal impact, we will update as press releases are made available. Currently we have information from the major Canadian carriers:

Air Canada

  • Committed to grounding all 737 Max 8 series until 01Jul19
  • Air Canada said its adjusted schedule through to April 30 will cover 98 per cent of its planned flights
  • Substituting aircraft thru chartered flights, or leased aircraft from Air Transat
  • Routes temporarily suspended: flights from Halifax and St. John’s, N.L., to London Heathrow. Remaining committed to these routes, they will resume service as soon as possible. It’s currently re-accommodating customers for those routes over its hubs in Montreal and Toronto.
  • For flights that have not been cancelled, the goodwill policy applies. In both cases, changes are free and full refunds are permitted
  • Goodwill policy (can be withdrawn at any time): booked on Air Canada ticket stock and itineraries including any flights operated by the Boeing 737 Max; All travel dates: Re-booking window: next available flight, up to a maximum of 3 weeks from the original travel dates (the inbound segment can be rebooked outside the rebooking window in order to maintain the original length of stay)
  • All customers are permitted one free change per the guidelines: Change fees waived, Additional collection including change of connecting point or openjaw waived if re-booked in the same cabin as long as origin and destination remain the same or sister cities within a 200 mile radius.
  • Change of Destinations*: Passengers may choose to travel to an alternate Air Canada destination within ticket validity *Change fees will be waived, but additional collection for difference in fares will apply any amount remaining after the ticket has been re-issued may be applied toward future travel on Air Canada.
  • Policy outside rebooking window: Change fees waived; additional collection including change of connection point or openjaw: Fare rules apply
  • Aeroplan tickets: Please contact Aeroplan directly for all rescheduling


  • More than 85 per cent had little to no changes to their flight schedules
  • 13 aircraft (Boeing 737 Max-8 aircraft) have been pulled from their schedule
  • Monday March 25th, flight schedules will reflect removal of Boeing 737 Max-8 series thru till the end of April 2019
  • Daily flights schedules are updated on
  • Replaced Boeing MAX flying from Calgary & Edmonton to Hawaii with 767 aircraft, some Calgary-Toronto MAX operations have been replaced with 787 Dreamliner.

Porter Airlines

  • No Boeing 737 Max-8 in their fleet

Air Transat

  • No Boeing 737 Max-8 in their fleet


  • 4 aircraft in their fleet have been grounded causing some schedule changes on their scheduled routes.
  • They do not intend to cancel routes as a result of the grounding

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