Cayo Coco Cuba: beaches and things to do

Cayo Coco Cuba: beaches and things to do

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Cayo Coco continues to grow to be one of the most popular Caribbean all-inclusive vacation destinations with its unprecedented white sand beaches, and a price tag that makes it an affordable vacation, alongside the array of resorts available.

The resort area of Cayo Coco is part of an archipelago: 496 kilometers long stretching along the central-northern coast of Cuba, the largest of the archipelagos that surround the main island. The cays and resort areas here are protected by a 400 kilometer long coral barrier that stretches along the archipelago, making for calm beaches, excellent scuba diving and snorkeling, and one of the major reefs in the world, behind the Australian Great Coral Wall. Cayo coco hotels beachThe waters in Cayo Coco Cuba are shimmering blue and aquamarine and the bleached sand is massaged by calm, quiet waves. This quaint, tropical paradise is just north of the mainland Cuba, attached by a 27-kilometre causeway. The area is known for its beautiful beaches, the flamingo colony that calls the area home, and snorkeling excursions to the dozens of coral reefs just offshore. Cayo Coco is the main tourist destination in Cuba after Varadero.

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The area is secluded from the rest of Cuba, making it a great option for travellers who love the beach. It’s a picturesque destination with white sand and clear waters, and plenty of options for family vacations, or higher-end romantic retreats or adults-only vacation. You’ll find quality service here, unprecedented landscapes and beaches, and plenty of different options for resorts and all-inclusives. The location of Cayo Coco and its proximity to the rest of Cuba means that there are few excursions and attractions or things to do in the area beyond watersports and snorkeling the coral reefs offshore, however, so travellers looking to truly experience the culture of Cuba may choose to opt for a different destination on the island.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect beach vacation or looking to explore the natural wonder of the central-northern island, Cayo Coco Cuba will be a winning destination for your Cuba all-inclusive vacation.

What to do in Cayo Coco Cuba

Cayo Coco’s location, off the main island in Cuba, means the the options for what to do in Cayo Coco and things to do in this resort destination are somewhat limited. Cayo Coco all-inclusive resorts offer plenty of daily motorized and non-motorized watersports, activities throughout the hotel, and resorts often offer extensive nightly entertainment programs, discos, and activities to have activities available for travellers.

Cayo Coco Cuba beach

For things to do in Cayo Coco off the resort, consider snorkeling, jeep safaris, boat adventures, and deep-sea fishing, arranged by your tour operator or ground tour operator on-site at the resort. Cuba’s Cayo Guillermo area is just north of Cayo Coco and also offers excellent scuba diving.


The Cayo Coco area, commonly known as the Jardines del Rey area, is home to several beaches which remain one of the most important natural resources. Unique bird species, natural formations and dunes, and varying marine life call the area home.

The beaches in Cayo Coco stretch 38-kilometers long and are known as Playa Flamencos, Playa Larga, Playa Coloradas, Playa La Jaula, and Playa Prohibida, and continue down to Cayo Guillermo with Playa El Pilar, Playa El Paso, and Playa del Medio. All of the beaches in the area are alongside the resorts and all-inclusive hotels, have fine sand and warm waters, and are sheltered by the coral reefs off-shore to make calm waters and a safe beach environment for Cuba family vacations.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

The fringe of coral reef that lines the coastline of the Cayo Coco Cuba and Cayo Guillermo area makes for the perfect scuba diving in Cuba. The region is home to 20 kilometers of coral reef strips with 30 scuba diving sites for seeing varied marine life. Playa Flamencos, las Coloradas in the eastern part of Cayo Coco, and the northern section of Pardeon Grande have some of the most well known scuba diving in the area.

Food in Cayo Coco Cuba

Food in Cuba has long-since been known as one of the downfalls of visiting the area. In Cayo Coco, specifically, the lack of access to a city center and local dining options means that visitors are limited to food available at Cayo Coco all-inclusive resorts and hotels. However, food at these resorts may be some of the best on the island, as the draw to have return guests is important to the tourism model in the northern cays area of Jardines del Rey.

Higher-end resorts are going to have higher quality food, and more options between meals and days for dining. The Melia Cayo Coco is often listed as one of the best in the area for food by our travel agents.

Cayo Coco Cuba: weather, climate

Temperatures in Cayo Coco remain remarkably consistent throughout the year, ranging from mid-20s (celsius) to the low 30s in the summer months. The cays aren’t immune to cold fronts, though, during the winter months of January through March, so a light jacket or long sleeve top might be beneficial for cooler evenings.

The rainy season tends to last from April through June, with hurricane season ranging from June through September or October.

Travel style

All-inclusive vacations are the way to go when you’re visiting Cuba, especially in the more secluded and private area of Cayo Coco where there are little options beyond the all-inclusive resorts. Most activities are included in the price of your vacation package. Extras like spa treatments and motorized water sports are an added cost. Our all-inclusive Cayo Coco vacations include flights, hotels, and airport transfers.

Getting to Cayo Coco, Cuba

Flights to Cayo Coco are available from most gateways though flight frequency varies by season. Toronto and Montreal offer non-stop service year-round, while other gateways offer seasonal non-stop service. To travel between the airport and your resort, board a transfer bus provided by your tour operator (Air Canada Vacations, Transat Holidays, etc.). You’ll ride the same transfer shuttle or bus to return to the airport at the end of your vacation.


  1. We just came back on family vacation from Cayo Coco, January 16, 2019.
    Our agent (Monika Monist) that booked the trip did an excellent job in answering all our questions before the trip.
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    I will recommend Monika anytime to anyone looking for an agent that will be patient to answer your questions.
    She is very knowledgeable and simply the best.

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    I am looking at the Melia Hotel;
    I am a very keen fisherman and wondered what the fishing is like in Cayo Coco on the beaches.
    Are there tarpon, travali , bone fish , jack and the like and flats to wade from the beaches and fish, or do you have to get off shore with guides

    • Hi,
      I saw your comment and was wondering if you had an success fishing?
      I would be interested in a small excursion or simply dropping a line with some locals.
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