Credit Card Insurance

Credit Card Insurance

Last Updated on July 14, 2023 by Stacey Levesque

Many people have premium credit cards that may offer some travel insurance benefits.

  • Generally speaking, unless the card is branded a “travel card”, the insurance coverage is very weak, not even a fig leaf.
  • Cards that have decent insurance coverage (cancellation and medical with reasonable limits) often have high annual fees
  • So if you have low or average annual fee credit cards, generally you need to purchase travel insurance to be properly covered.
  • Group insurance from your employer may have sufficient out-of-province medical coverage, but few people check, and even fewer travel knowing who to call and what to do if this insurance is needed.
  • In all cases, if you decline insurance sold by us, you will need to handle all the inquiries and claims on your own.  If you purchase insurance from us, we may be able to assist you if you have any issues with your claim.

What insurance coverage does my credit card have?

You can check your coverage here with this link:

Group Insurance Coverage

You may have out-of-province medical coverage through your group plan at work.  It may cover only you or only insured family members on your plan.  The insurance may be underwritten by a different company than the overall benefit plan provider. 

You need to call your group insurance provider and ask for the policy and wallet cards for the group plan.

You need to check about limitations of coverage, # days covered, $$ covered, and pre-existing condition clauses.

When you travel, you need to know who to call and how and a policy number for your group plan.  There may be restrictions on certain hospitals in certain destinations preferred by the insurance company.  It’s best to be aware.

  • My Group Travel Insurance Company:  ___________
  • Call 800 and Direct for overseas:  ____________
  • My Travel Policy Number:  ____________ 
  • Employee Number/Identifier: ___________
  • Got a PDF of my travel insurance policy itself?  Yes / No

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