Curious about Curacao? Our agents have been.

Curious about Curacao? Our agents have been.

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Curacao is known for its beaches and plenty of activities: swimming with dolphins and turtles, exploring the sea aquarium, and of course – hitting the beach.

Klein Knip beach is a favourite with its pristine sand, spectacular views, and bright blue hues of the Caribbean Sea. It’s well-worth a visit.

Hikers, bird watchers, snorkelers and photographers alike will find a ton to do on this island.

Here’s what our agents had to say.

Curacao Liqueur. Photo by Jean Arseneau.

Jean Arseneau: Lionsdive Beach Resort where we all stayed for 2 nights was for me the WOW factor because of the Marina with the the diving boats and the atmosphere. In general, this to me is a Divers’s Paradise. Great entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Always go to Curacao with a great attitude and you will enjoy every moment that this great destination has to offer. Don’t miss the capital of Williemstad with its great European charm and outdoor restaurants. My favourite hotel was the Renaissance because of its close proximity to the shops, bars and market area. I recommend taking the Williemstad City tour and Curacao Liqueur and let’s not forget visiting the great beaches. Seafood is everywhere for everyone to enjoy. The overall feel/atmosphere of the island is very friendly and the locals are very proud people. If you are looking for an upgrade, Curacao is the place for you. A great new destination that was always on my bucket list.

Santa Barbara resort. Photo by Julie Bond.

Julie Bond: The feel of the island can be summed up in one word; Dushi. Pronounced exactly how it sounds, “Dushi” is a common word in Papiamentu, the local language of the ABC Islands – Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. The word has a variety of meanings; calling someone Dushi means “sweetheart,” “babe” or even “sexy.” You also use it for tasty food and to describe the good things in life. Curacao has some of the nicest people, and some of the most amazing food you will ever have, gorgeous beaches and amazing year round weather. Like they say, #SuperDushi!

Signs made by guests. Photo by Julie Bond.

Manuela Romeiro: Art and architecture are found throughout this safe, friendly island. The Renaissance beach resort in Williamsted is the perfect location to explore, shop, and take photos while meeting the locals. Note: Prices are more reasonable in Otra Banda rather then in Penha. While in the city, hop on the Queen Emma Bridge while it swings open. The food is amazing on the island. Some of my favorites were Arepa di Pampuna (pineapple pancakes) and of course Batidos, a tasty smoothie that combines passion fruit, papaya, watermelon or guava with milk and sugar. Experience Shete Boka National Park and Playa Lagun Snorkel Adventure in Curacao.

Curacao beach. Photo by Tanya Varrasso.

Tanya Varrasso: Do yourself a favor and eat your way through Curacao. Honestly, some of the best food I’ve had travelling. The country in itself is so mixed in cultures, it’s represented in the food. Something as simple as an arepas from La Boheme, local eats at Plasa Bieu to surf and turf at Perla Del Mar. With so many different restaurants and cuisine, there is no shortage of new food to try! Make sure to try some unique dishes in Curacao. 

Lions Drive in Curacao. Photo by April Magone.

April Magone: Curacao was simply amazing. I loved the laid back island vibe. The whole island felt incredibly safe. An insider tip – the whole island has filtered water so you don’t have to rely on bottled water! My favourite hotel was Lions Dive. The 2 bedroom apartment was very comfortable and had a wrap-around veranda with stunning views! I’d recommend a walking tour of Willemstad. There is some great history and areas you might not see if you don’t do one of these free tours offered by the Curacao Tourism Board. You must head to Plasa Bieu to eat. It’s a truly authentic experience and the food is dynamite! Overall, I thought the island felt vibrant and alive. It’s laid back and safe atmosphere is calling me back. Another tip – in Willemstad, there is a different happy hour every day.

Taylor Curtis: My favourite part of the trip was staying at the Renaissance. It’s in a perfect location for those wanting to relax but also have walking access to the town of Williamstad. Within walking distance, you can find a lot of shops and nice restaurants. The overall feel was very artsy and full of colour! Also a very safe place to  wonder around, take some pictures and stop somewhere for happy hour!


  1. I miss my beautiful Island. My greatest wish is to return and stay for the rest of my life. Dushi Korsow.

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