Everything You Need to Know About New York

Everything You Need to Know About New York

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A city brimming with energy and iconic landmarks, New York offers more than just sights to see, it offers an experience, a connection that one can only get from being there. Step into the Grand Central Station and embrace the echo of every cheerful farewell and joyous reunion. Go up the world-renowned Empire State Building at night and marvel at the sight of Manhattan with its gorgeous twinkling lights. Or visit Central Park and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant and contagious culture. With so much to offer, it really should not be a surprise as to why New York is a travel fancy among many – what is there not to love and admire about this grandiose place? Let’s get to know New York with this week’s Travel Guide and plan one memorable getaway to this city that never sleeps.

New York

City Basics

Arriving in New York. New York City has three major airports: John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Newark International Airport (EWR). Depending on your select destination, you may arrive in any of these airports. Located in the Queen’s borough, and about 15 miles outside of Manhattan, JFK is the largest international airport in the city. From here, you may take the AirTrain which will take travelers to and from Manhattan and points north, or Philadelphia and points south. LGA, on the other hand, mainly handles domestic flights and is closest to Midtown and Upper Manhattan. Among the three, LGA has the least convenient mass transit connections. EWR located in New Jersey is the closest to Lower Manhattan. It’s a bit farther from the main attractions, but is a cheaper alternative for travelers than JFK.

Getting Around. The city’s rail and bus system is run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It’s an inexpensive and convenient option for travelers. It passes through the five boroughs and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with accessibility to passengers with visual, hearing, and mobility needs. A single subway or bus ride is $2.75, or you may also an unlimited card for 7 days for $30.

Another option for travelers is to travel by taxi. The City’s fleet of yellow taxicabs is regulated by the Taxi and Limousine Commission, which are available 25 hours a day. Minimum metered fair is $2.50, which increases 50 cents every third of a kilometre. An additional surcharge of $1 is added to the metre on Mondays to Fridays from 4-8pm, while a surcharge of 50 cents is added from 8pm to 6am.

If you’re planning to drive around the city, you may want to use a site like bestparking.com to compare parking rates and locations. You may also refer to tripcentral.ca for car rental options and reservation purposes.

Where to Stay

Soho Grand Hotel (5 stars)
Located in luxurious SoHo New York, the Soho Grand Hotel is one of the most sough-after hotels in the neighbourhood. Each of their 353 guestrooms are customized with Egyptian design thereby guaranteeing a unique experience for every visitor.

Grand Hyatt New York (5 stars)
The Grand Hyatt New York is situated on Park Avenue in Midtown. From here, you can step out on the concourse of Grand Central Terminal and walk to main attractions by foot or subway. It’s an ideal hotel for travelers wishing to get to know New York on a deep level.

The Roosevelt (3.5 stars)
Opened in 1924 at the height of the Jazz era, this majestic hotel continues to impress travelers the world over. With its prime location at Madison Avenue and 45th Street in midtown Manhattan, will definitely feel the pulse of this great city!

Times Square. Photo by Damianos Chronakis

Times Square. Photo by Damianos Chronakis


Statue of Liberty
(Located on Liberty Island)
Built as a sign of friendship between France and United States, the Statue of Liberty is a must-see for everyone going on a New York vacation.

Ferry Fee: $9 (4-12 yrs.), $17 (Adults), $14 (Senior)
Crown Access: $3 (all ages)

Times Square “The Crossroads of the World”
(On a major intersection and a neighbourhood in Midtown Manhattan)
Known for its various Broadway theatres, cinemas and electronic billboards, it is one of the reasons why New York is regarded as the city that never sleeps.

Empire State Building
(Located at 350 5th Avenue)
Reaching 1,250 feet above the city, the Empire State Building offers an inspiring view of the beautiful city of New York.

Main Deck Only: $19 (6-12 and senior), $25 (Adult)
Main Deck Express: $50 (all ages)
Main Deck + Top Deck: $36 (6-12), $42 Adult, $39 (Senior)
Main Deck + Top Deck Express: $67 (all ages)

Central Park
A trip to New York is not complete without a visit to Central Park. Offering everything from sculptures, playgrounds, walking trails, jogging trails, concerts, and outdoor movies, experience why it’s such a beloved pop culture venue.

Begin your adventure to New York by speaking with a tripcentral.ca travel agent who’s been there before! They can tell you more about our exclusive offers and help you plan one memorable vacation.

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