Five animal excursions for your Caribbean vacation

Five animal excursions for your Caribbean vacation

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

If lying on the beach isn’t your cup of tea (or your pina colada), and you’re looking for something different to add to your vacation itinerary, why not try an animal excursion?

Whether reptiles excite you or you’ve always dreamed of swimming with dolphins, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 animal excursion destinations – and their critters – that might be calling your name:

Ixtapa, Mexico: Ixtapa’s Playa Linda Cocodrilario

Ixtapa's crocodile estuary allows visitors to take part in an animal excursion while staying a safe distance from wildlife. See the huge reptiles in their natural environment at the Cocodrilario, which is a crocodile sanctuary.
At the edge of Playa Linda, beach-goers will find a different type of sunbather: crocodiles. The Cocodrilario, or the Crocodile Farm, is an estuary for the large water-dwelling reptiles. This animal excursion creates a unique adventure trip for your family vacation. Witness crocodiles and iguanas in their natural habit; a creek with tropical vegetation from the Ixtapa rainforest lines the Playa Linda beach giving crocodile’s a shaded home. The Cocodrilario is a protected area to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals, and don’t worry, your sun-kissed toes will be at a safe distance.

If an animal excursion to see crocodiles up-close is what you’re looking for, visit our list of vacation packages to Ixtapa, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Dolphin Royal Swim and Aquaventuras Park
Puerto Vallarta’s dolphinarium will allow you to get up close and personal with dolphins in this amazing animal excursion that will see you swimming with dolphins. The Dolphin Royal Swim program will have dolphins giving you handshakes, kisses, tow you around the dolphinarium, and push your feet to have you “fly” through the water like you’ve always dreamed.

The Aquaventuras Park includes other programs, including the Dolphin Encounter program, which may be better suited for younger and older dolphin-lovers: dolphins will interact with travelers from a platform and swimming is optional.

Dolphin lovers can find all-inclusive vacations to Puerto Vallarta with one of Tripcentral’s travel agents.

Panama: Eco Cruise on Gatun Lake
If you’d rather get to know your destination than relax by the pool, the Eco Cruise is the excursion for you when visiting Panama. This hour-and-a-half cruise will let you explore the vegetation of the area’s rainforest, and the animals, birds, and fish that make up the habitat. (Keep your eyes peeled; the Panama Canal area is known for monkey sightings!) Panama is the place to be for animal- and nature-lovers for its dense rainforest, jungles and beautiful landscape.

Plan your Panama vacation with a day-trip to Gatun Lake with one of our packages.

Montego Bay, Jamaica: Doctor’s Cave Beach Club
Snorkeling in Jamaica is a great excursion to add to your vacation. This area of Montego Bay is known for its snorkeling, and Doctor’s Cave Beach offers some of the best. With friendly fish that are as curious about you as you are of them, and beautiful coral reefs, Doctor’s Cave is a great spot to get a look at what’s underneath Jamaica’s clear, blue waters. If adrenaline is what drives you, this may be the perfect afternoon activity and animal excursion to add to your Jamaica vacation.

Jamaica has a number of beaches and resorts to choose from for your next vacation.

St. Maarten: Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm in St. Maarten is a paradise for nature-lovers with many kinds of butterflies fluttering about, protected by the program.
If you’re looking to see some of the Caribbean’s beautiful wildlife, but aren’t ready for adventure and diving into the water, visit the Butterfly Farm on St. Martin’s Island. The first of its kind in the Caribbean, butterflies from around the world flutter and dance in a large greenhouse filled with waterfalls and pools. The farm not only has hundreds of the beautiful critters for display, but they work to save endangered species. For the nature-lover and those looking for a peaceful animal excursion and a break from the sun, the Butterfly Farm is one of the best.

St. Martin’s Island vacations are waiting for you and yours.

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