G Adventures tours bring fresh new itineraries

G Adventures tours bring fresh new itineraries

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Laura Cooper

Travelling with G Adventures will mean you not only see the world, but you truly experience it. The small group touring company does just that: G Adventures tours offer travellers a chance to experience the world and focus on experience, local culture, and sustainable travel rather than just the large attractions.

G Adventures has more than 600 itineraries that use local tour guides to bring you to hole-in-the-wall spots, and local cultural areas that you wouldn’t experience on your own. G Adventures tours range from exploring the Inca Trail, marine tours, the Galapagos, African safaris, and beyond through local guides that live in-destination and with special perks like eating with locals to truly get a feel for the country and true adventure travel vacations.


G Adventures adventure travel safari

Adventure travel doesn’t have to mean strapping on a backpack and hiking mountains or tramping through the jungle. With G Adventures, adventure travel vacations mean starting with a travel style for your comfort level: choose from one of 8 styles, from active living for hiking and biking, to family-oriented, classic, and comfort trips (what you’d come to expect from group travel), marine trips, rail, local living, or the YOLO trips for the young, budget-minded traveler comfortable with camping and unique opportunities.

This kind of travel is marked by hands-on adventures, and truly getting to know the local area: travel by rickshaw or public transportation, get off the beaten path, paddle down rivers to experience the area’s landscape and nature, get up close and personal with animals, or try local cuisine and cooking with cultural activities. With G Adventures, you’ll travel by local transportation – whatever that may mean in your destination – and stay in accommodations that reflect the area you’re visiting which might range from a hotel to camping to a homestay with a local family.

With the small-group style G Adventures boasts, you’ll have a new group of friends to do your activities with, never feel like you’re too far from the guide to hear his input and knowledge, but have the comfort of travelling with others.


G Adventures South America tour

G Adventures focuses on sustainable travel. The Planeterra Foundation, run by G Adventures, helps the villages their tours visit through projects like women’s co-ops, programs for local children, and special disaster relief like the 2015 Nepal earthquake aid. The company goes beyond their foundation, though, and focuses on making the world a better place in each destination they travel to, with social enterprise groups, hiring locals, and travelling without disrupting the environment and culture of the destination as much as possible.

Feel confident travelling with G Adventures: the company works with locally owned businesses, local entrepreneurs, and community groups to strengthen the investments in the communities G brings travellers.


This year, the company launched their new G Adventures river cruising program. Sail down the famous Ganges, Mekong, Amazon, or Burgundy rivers for an experience like no other.

G Adventures boats for small groups with have room for 30 passengers, meaning your trip will allow you to focus on learning about the destination and enjoy the sail, rather than waiting in lines or dealing with crowds. With sailings on four famous rivers, a G Adventures river cruise will still have you experiencing some of G’s social enterprise stops, with a local guide, and freedom on the tour to explore as you please.

G Adventures Amazon river cruise

With 10 itineraries to choose from, each room on board the ships has a private bath, large window, and deck access so you won’t miss a single view on these iconic rivers. Visit the interior to some of the world’s greatest places that you just can’t get to by road or foot.


Save 30% on one of 8 select river cruise itineraries, plus an additional 5% when you book your air with us. If the stunning views over the Amazon River and through the rainforest aren’t enough to get you on board, this G Adventures deal should.


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