How To Be Productive While Flying

How To Be Productive While Flying

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

We all know the adventure of flying can be a long and strenuous process for anyone trying to navigate their way around the airport, find parking, check in their luggage, and board the plane on time.

But what if the work doesn’t end there? What if you have to be productive while flying, to meet an important deadline or to prepare for a meeting once you land?  For many, travelling is a major part of their job. While flights may not be particularly worker-friendly for accomplishing tasks, there are a few things that you can do to increase productivity during air travel.  In addition to dressing comfortably and carefully packing your carry-on essentials, boosting productivity takes some planning before your flight.

  • Consider booking a business-class flight.  It’s less expensive than first class but more accommodating than economy class.  With extra space to recline and front-of-the-line privileges, you may have a more comfortable and constructive experience.
  • Plan a rough schedule of what you would like to achieve while you are on board. Your time alone can be a blessing if you know how to manage it well.  Although it’s challenging and fatiguing to work during a flight, take advantage of this time for yourself.
  • For early-arrivals, layovers, and possible delayed flights, you may want to research airport cafés and lounges beforehand so you know where you can settle down instead of wandering aimlessly around the airport. Grab a snack, stay hydrated, and enjoy the free Wi-Fi while you wait comfortably for your departure.
  • During your flight, ensure that you have extra batteries on hand and that your devices are fully charged.  If needed, you can purchase Wi-Fi or choose to work on other projects that don’t require the internet.   Working offline can be beneficial; without the added distractions you can focus on your task.  Read industry-related material or light reading in hard-copy, or pre-load your documents for review offline. You can even prepare emails to be sent off when you land.  And never leave home without the reliable pencil and paper- no charging required!
  • If you’re flying solo, welcome this opportunity to network with others.  You may have an interesting neighbour and potentially gain useful knowledge or a new business contact.

Being productive while flying will allow you to feel prepared and hit the ground running upon arrival!  If you would like to spend your flight doing something less demanding instead, try a crossword or Sudoku puzzle to keep your mind stimulated.

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