How to Deal With a Vacation Party Pooper

How to Deal With a Vacation Party Pooper

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

So you’ve spent time and money putting together the ultimate vacation package and you’re ready for some relaxation and adventure, but there’s one problem – a party pooper, spoil sport, wet blanket who isn’t enjoying themselves as much as you are. We all have a friend or family member who falls into this category and (unfortunately) we can’t always leave them behind on vacation. Here are some tips for dealing with a party pooper on your next trip.

Find Out Why They’re Not Having Fun

The first step to solving your party pooper problem is to talk to the person in question and ask why they’re not enjoying themselves. Perhaps they are upset about something back at home, or maybe they’re just not in the mood to be social. Take the time to have a chat and find out if there’s something in particular that’s bothering them, and see how you can help. A good heart-to-heart talk may change their mood, or you may find out there’s a simple fix to get them on their way to a relaxing and fun vacation.

Tell Them to Leave Work at Work

Your travelling companion’s behavior may have nothing to do with the vacation itself, especially if they are a workaholic. If your friend is glued to their phone all day, they’re not taking the time to enjoy the scenery and your company. If they can’t stop working for a mere 10 minutes, then you’ve got a problem. Try to reason with them and pry their phone and laptop away, hide them, bury them in the sand. If that sounds too drastic, try a compromise – get them to agree to work just one hour each day and then they have to enjoy rest of the day sans electronics.

Spark Their Interest

So maybe it’s not you, work, or a personal problem that’s getting your party pooper down. Maybe you picked the wrong vacation destination or planned the wrong kind of activities for your trip. If you are spending your time visiting tourist sites, museums and ancient ruins, try changing things up by hitting the the local nightlife or a great restaurant instead. Doing nothing but relaxing on the beach all day? Break up the boredom and get their brain and body working by learning about local culture or taking a bicycle tour.

If all else fails, you may have to venture out and do your own thing. If you can’t reach a compromise, heading out on your own to enjoy your vacation might be your only option. The good news is that it’s easy to make new friends on vacation – after all, you must have something in common with some of those people who are on the same vacation! But don’t ditch your travel partner all together (that won’t end well). Make sure you schedule time to connect — and try to look for activities you both enjoy.

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