Machine Gun Vegas: The True American Las Vegas Experience

Machine Gun Vegas: The True American Las Vegas Experience

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Laura Cooper

Ian Jarvis, a member of the team, recently returned from his first visit to Las Vegas. He shares one of his adventures at Machine Gun Vegas:

I recently had the pleasure of spending the holidays in fabulous Las Vegas.  Thanks to Mitch Krystantos at Las Vegas Connex (one of the best places to plan out your Las Vegas experience), I got connected to Machine Gun Vegas (MGV).

Machine Gun Vegas is the ultimate place to live out your fantasy of using automatic weapons.  I figure you only live once and there’s not many places in the world I’d get the opportunity to experience the chance to legally blast off some guns. Fortunately, MGV was built with novice tourists in mind and has an experienced, skilled staff of professionals that ensure you are trained and ready to lock and load before shooting.


MGV has a wide selection of firearms and a variety of affordable packages to choose from, whether you want a full-on immersive gamer experience or just a starter package, which lets you experience shooting with a series of hand and machine guns.

You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store at Machine Gun Vegas, with everything you’ve seen in the movies on display: from a Glock 17 to AK-47s.

My Machine Gun Vegas experience started with a free personalized shuttle service picking us up at our hotel.  Our driver Carol was a seasoned Las Vegas veteran, giving us all sorts of insider tips to the town…and every one of them we followed up on was worth its weight in gold.  My trip to Vegas would not have been half as spectacular without her guidance.  If you get a chance to ride with her it will be well worth it. Carol, along with the other MGV staff, love where they live and what they do and share that with their guests.


Once arriving, we were escorted through a door with a gun handle for a knob: pull the trigger and you get inside. The lobby of the gun range is as gorgeous and well-designed as everything else in Vegas: top notch in class, luxury and style.  The only difference between entering MGV and other Vegas attractions is you are greeted to the sound of guns going off.  It’s a bit unnerving at first – it sounds as if you’ve walked into a war zone, with the noise of bullets ricocheting off the walls.

In the lobby you’ll be greeted by helpful staff who go over a menu of guns and package options you can choose from.  After making your package selections, paper work consisting of waivers and review of safety equipment are required. From here, your guns get loaded up and before you know it, you’re through another door and onto the firing range with a military trained professional.

We could see the passion for guns our expert had in his eyes.  He was totally knowledgeable, full of good cheer and put us completely at ease around the weapons.  Any questions we had were quickly answered and our insecurities melted away.


We were given a selection of targets from notable modern-day villains to evil zombies to just plain ugly bad guys.  Before we knew it, we were firing away and blasting our targets to bits. Friends had warned me in advance about the blow back force from the guns, which in reality, really wasn’t that bad.   What I wasn’t prepared for was the bullet casings flying everywhere.  When you’re using a machine gun these are flying out at an incredible rate.  We could have kept going for hours and the whole experience can only be described as an extreme adrenalin rush and completely addictive.

From start to finish, Machine Gun Vegas is a total must on the to-do list for anyone visiting Las Vegas. It was easy to see why MGV has been voted Best Las Vegas Gun Range. On your next visit to Sin City, make sure to kick off your vacation with an all-American bang-bang.

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