Caribbean Cruise: 9 things you don’t need & 3 things you do!

Caribbean Cruise: 9 things you don’t need & 3 things you do!

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Iris Sinilong


We all do it, we over pack. Well, some of us more than others. No matter how hard we try, some of us just can’t help it! It’s a sickness. Let’s say you’re going on a 7 day Caribbean cruise and you’re starting to prepare a hefty list of items you’ll need. Stop! Before you create that list, read our 9 things we know you can live without on vacation … so don’t pack them!

  1. Socks. Really? It’s a Caribbean cruise, where are you going to be wearing socks?
  2. Bug spray—it’s a ship, in the middle of the ocean. No bugs, no bug spray.
  3. Extra underwear—what are we preparing for? Chances are you’ll spend most of your days in a swimsuit anyway!
  4. Soap & toiletries—unless you have some type of allergy or super sensitive skin, there’s no need to trek along your own soaps, shampoos, etc. It’s such a pain to get it all through the airport nowadays, with those little baggies and miniature bottles. You can get supplies on board.
  5. Extra bathing suits. You need one, just one. If you need two, chances are you’ll find a cute little number aboard the ship that you want.
  6. Shoes—how many pairs of shoes do you really need on a cruise ship? Flip-flops, sandals for dinner … that pretty much sums it up! You’re not hiking or going to a black tie event. Keep it simple, you’re on vacation!
  7. Hairdryer—it still amazes me why so many people insist on carrying along their own hair dryers. First, your room will likely have one. If it doesn’t you can probably ask for one. And worst case scenario? You’re on a Caribbean cruise—au natural baby!
  8. OTC meds—no need to load up on ibuprofen, sea sickness pills, antacids, or any other type of over-the-counter medications. I promise, if you need something, you’ll find it on the ship.
  9. An umbrella—it’s a ship! You don’t need an umbrella.

Now that you’ve lightened your load a little, here are a few things you want to make damn sure you’ve remembered:

  1. Medication—if you’re taking any sort of prescription medication, don’t leave home without it! That can really put a damper on your vacation.
  2. Passport—you’d be surprised how many people find themselves at the airport with a passport. “I left it on the little table right by the door!”
  3. Cash—it doesn’t have to be a ton, but trust me, cash can be a life safer when you’re on route to your destination. You may need to buy lunch, pay an unexpected tax or fee, tip someone, get a luggage cart or locker, buy headphones on the plane, or any other number of things. These small ticket items are easiest to get when you have a few bucks on you.

What other items do you insist on packing that you might not need on your Caribbean cruise? And which ones do you wish you had packed?



  1. well, if you are a woman you probably don’t need socks, but I think a man would look a little odd in dress pants and dress shoes in the dining room with no socks, I believe there are still a few dressy dinners to attend, and Underware, ain’t doing laundry on vacation, and I ain’t wearing the same pair twice when I get dressed for dinner.LOL

  2. Ahh, excellent point, Linda! Being a woman, I hadn’t thought of my poor hubby needing socks to go with his shoes at dinner … oops!

  3. Good one, Terri! I hadn’t thought of a swim suit, but that actually happened to me once on vaca! I forgot mine (can you believe it?) and ended up paying an arm and a leg. Too, funny, Terri, thanks for sharing!

  4. That’s a useful list, as there is no need to carry extra weight in your suitcase when you don’t really need it. And I imagine a lot of people just pack everything with them, having a “just in case” mentality. Do people really forget passports though? How silly.

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