Presto Card

Presto Card

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The Presto Pass is suitable for anyone travelling in Ontario using public transit, adding value and saving time in your travel itinerary. This includes GO transit in Toronto, as well as local transit for buses and rail. Presto incorporates smart-card technology that provides an eco-friendly solution replacing the need for paper tickets, tokens, passes or cash. It is accepted across multiple municipalities in Ontario such as Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa. By using the Presto Pass to pay for your commute, you increase the value of your trip, as there are often direct savings associated with using the pass. You can also track your transit usage through your account and keep a clean record come tax season.

There is a $6 non-refundable fee applied to new Presto cards. The fastest way to get a card is by purchasing one from a customer service outlet. Cards ordered online can take 7-10 days to arrive by mail.

Where to Buy a Presto Card

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Transit Agencies that accept Presto:

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Benefits to Using a Presto Card

Seamlessly transfer across multiple transit agencies using the smart card pass. If you register your Presto pass you will get the benefits of protecting your card if it is lost or stolen. You can also manage your account online, adding money or setting up auto renew functions to fit your needs. There are savings associated with fares purchased on Presto pass that vary depending on the transit agency. For example, you can save 55 cents each way on bus fare in Hamilton using your Presto Pass.

Presto Card Load

The minimum payment for loading your Presto card is $10 up to a maximum balance of $1000. The system automatically deducts the fare of your trip when you tap your smart card at any of the conveniently located kiosks.

Presto Monthly Pass

Some transit agencies will permit the use of weekly or monthly passes, which allow an unlimited number of trips while the pass is active. Speak to your local transit agency for more information.

Public Transit Tax Credit

If you have a registered Presto Pass you will receive an annual Transit Usage Report that will assist in calculating the Federal Public Transit tax credit. Learn more about tax credits.

You may also use the Presto Card for the Union Pearson Express train, which connects Toronto’s Union Station and Pearson Airport.


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