QUIZ: What type of traveller are you?

QUIZ: What type of traveller are you?

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

We all desire to explore the world. For travel inspiration based on your personality type, take our quiz below! Don’t forget to comment with your result! 🙂

  1. It's your last evening on vacation, you:

  2. Your luggage consists of:

  3. After a long day of work, you usually:

  4. On vacation, you are most likely to read:

  5. You wake up one morning, pack a bag, and fly anywhere in the world, where do you go?

  6. It’s summer and your best friend calls to tell you they have a whole day planned for you. Where do you hope to go?

  7. You’re on vacation alone and it’s late. You still haven’t eaten dinner so you:

  8. On vacation, you would rather:

  9. To enjoy the outdoors, you:

  10. You’re on vacation. Where do you stay?


  1. Cultural Romantic

  2. Looking forward to Dominican!

  3. I knew I was a laid back vacationer. If someone wants me to prove it—you are welcome to send me a ticket!

  4. spirited socialite here…and its totally me to.. 🙂

  5. Definitely me. 🙂

  6. SO me!!! lol

  7. love to go on a trip

  8. Cultural Romantic

  9. I am a laid back vacationer. Couldn’t be a better description! Saving to go on an all-inclusive vacation now. Looking forward to booking it with tripcentral.ca. All my friends have used your service without any complaints and tons of positive comments.

  10. Haha, adventure addict. Good one because I’ve done 2 of the things mentioned, and want to do the rest!

    • That’s awesome! Which ones have you done? 🙂

      • I am a laid back vacationer

  11. Laid Back Vacationer!!!!!!! Proud of it!

  12. Laid back vacationer, that is so me, all inclusive all the way

  13. Laid back vacationer is me to a tee.

  14. I am even laid back at home !! But when the vacation bug bites Laid back becomes the #1 Priority!!! Bring on the Margarita sunsets & great dinners every night !!

  15. A cultural romantic I am!!!!!

  16. Adventure addict… when I travel I have always said when things do not go as plan that life is an adventure… now I know why.

  17. Cultural Romantic

  18. Adventure addict. I love nature and want to explore the world.

  19. Cultural romantic – ready to take a trip.

  20. Cultural romantic :))

  21. Laid Back Vacationer

  22. Adventure Addict

  23. Laid back vacationer

  24. Laid Back Vacationer

  25. That’s amazing! I’m very excited for that.??

  26. This isn’t me totally. I like culture and adventure at equal parts. Greetings.

  27. Laid back vacationer… that’s SOOOOOO me 😆!!!!!!! I love to relax on the beach and read my favourite book (The Diary Of Anne Frank). I 100% recommend this test and will be sending this link to my WHOLE family so they can complete this test too. #WAP🍷🍕

  28. imagine not doing this in school

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