Survey:  Over 60% of past Canadian leisure travellers will book vacations after being vaccinated or confident of being vaccinated

Survey: Over 60% of past Canadian leisure travellers will book vacations after being vaccinated or confident of being vaccinated

Last Updated on December 6, 2021 by tripcentral

A survey of 5,785 of our past customers was conducted between February 24 and 28, 2021.  The seven-question survey aimed to understand the relationship between vaccination levels and future demand to book travel.

“80% of respondents, who want to be vaccinated, expect to be vaccinated by September, indicating belief in the Government vaccine rollout plan, despite the slow start”, said Richard Vanderlubbe, President of 

Just under 18% indicated that they were not interested in being vaccinated.  Of those not interested in being vaccinated, 61% indicated they would go away now if it were not for the restrictions.  68% of those not interested in being vaccinated ranked the quarantine on return being the #1 concern about booking travel. 

For those expecting to be vaccinated by September, not yet being vaccinated themselves is the number one concern for 45% of the respondents, followed by the quarantine on return chosen as the first concern by 30%. 

Almost one-quarter of respondents who expect to be vaccinated by September ranked vaccinations in their destination the top 2nd concern.  “Concern about vaccination at destinations would indicate that even if Canada is mostly vaccinated by fall, demand for travel will still not fully recover,” said Vanderlubbe. 

“Canada has purchased far more vaccine than will be needed, and eventually we will donate it to other countries.  It makes sense for the Government to consider donating it to countries where Canadians travel such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, parts of Mexico, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.  Giving back to countries that Canadians visit most, and reducing the risk of Canadians returning home potentially carrying variants from unvaccinated destinations is a win-win all around.”

Download the survey results presentation.


  1. I will get vaccinated as soon i can get the vaccine and if I book a vacation I will make sure that I take my precaution like every one else should but I can’t wait to book a vacation as soon every thing start to get normal again

  2. would like to know about out of country travel insurance offered when booking travel to sun destinations. Is it required to have a vaccination and does the travel insurance cover the virus if you get sick from it during the stay.

    • We offer out-of-country medical and prior to the cancellation of flights south for the winter, major tour operators were offering COVID19 insurance if contracted in a destination. It covered local medical and quarantine costs and not return to Canada. There are currently no requirements for vaccinations, but this will be an evolving set of requirements over the coming months. We expect that as countries have achieved widespread vaccination that they may require proof of vaccination for entry. This is entirely unknown at the time of response on March 3, 2021. Our recommendation is to buy the best possible coverage at the time of booking, including supplier cancellation waivers, as these cover risks that insurance does not, and even change of mind without a complete financial loss (a travel credit to re-use or re-book).

  3. We won’t be travelling anywhere until at least the spring of 2022, and then only if it is evident that the virus is pretty much under control around the world. We know we’ll be vaccinated long before that, but there is still no proof that the vaccine(s) prevent people from spreading the virus. The risk of travel is still too great to contemplate planning any vacations right now, for us, anyway. We are also waiting for confirmation of a refund and/or travel credits from the trip that had to be cancelled in April 2020.

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