Top 7 SmartPhone Travel Apps

Top 7 SmartPhone Travel Apps

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

No matter where you look in the airport, train station, or bus stop, you’ll find people with their heads down staring at a handheld of some sort. Many of them are even searching desperately for quick travel information to get where they’re going. Unfortunately, you sometimes see people doing the same thing while driving to their destinations. Sidebar: not cool, stop doing that.

To avoid the hassle of finding last-minute directions and details, you need to know which travel apps to load on your smartphone to help make your trip as smooth as can be–and you really should do that before you leave the house. We decided to do the research for you and here are what we think are the top travel apps for people on the go.

Cheap Gas: This one shows you where to get the cheapest gas wherever you are. It’s a free app that uses your handheld’s GPS system to pinpoint where you are, and then lists all the gas prices within a certain radius.

Zagat: Gives you access to restaurant reviews and ratings from Zagat Guides. Browse online or off to find the closest Thai take-out, 50s diner, or fine dining restaurant. Very handy when you’re in a strange city.

UrbanSpoon: With this little app all you have to do is shake your phone and watch the dials spin like a slot machine .When it stops, up pops a guide to the best local restaurants. It’s a fun, free app.

Where: Need to know what’s around you within a few blocks? This app helps you find everything from Starbucks to movie theaters and show times. Another free app.

Find My iPhone: Obviously this one helps you … yep, you guessed it … find your phone! A few simple setup steps and if you leave it somewhere accidentally, you can view a map on any computer to see where you left it. You can also send a message to help retrieve it, and remotely erase its data.

Wi-Fi Finder: Don’t pay int’l data rates, just find the nearest Wi-Fi signal. This finder tracks over 200,000 hotspots in 135 countries. This one’s free, too.

HD Video recording: This app is built into the new iPhone, so you don’t have to download it. It allows you to film every memorable moment of your life in 1080p HD, which makes your vids crystal clear.

Do you have a few favorite travel apps that our readers might find really handy? We want to hear from you, please share it with us below!

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