The funniest travel agent questions we’ve been asked

The funniest travel agent questions we’ve been asked

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Laura Cooper

As anyone who works in the customer service industry knows, there are always funny stories that stick with us from memorable customers.  Our travel agents have heard everything from the funny to the outright embarrassing.

We asked our travel agents to submit their favourite stories and travel agent questions to share the laughter:


“Can I get a swim-up suite on the second floor?” – submitted by Jen Huet, Westcliffe Mall office

“How is it that I leave Germany at 8 a.m. and arrive at 11 a.m. in Toronto, but on the way there it’s an 8-hour flight?” – submitted by Brenda Melo, Heritage Greene office

“On the 1st of November when we were laying at the pool, my wife got attacked by a rabid squirrel. The squirrel scratched, bit, and left bruising on my wife’s leg. We immediately contacted the reception of the resort and they sent us to the hospital where my wife had shots administered against rabies. In a few days this same squirrel (there was only one at the resort) attached another group of people. As a result of this attack, my wife could not swim in the pool or sea for the duration of trip as to not obtain an infection due to the bites and scratches on her leg. Moreover, when we arrived back to Canada we had to continue the rabies vaccinations. Due to this circumstance, our vacation was ruined. Management at this resort should not have had rabid animals running around and attacking people.” – an email sent to Trip Assist

“Am I to understand that our cancellation insurance does not cover storms?” – an email sent to Trip Assist

“We had someone show up at the airport 10 minutes before her flight was scheduled to leave on Christmas Eve, thinking it would wait for her because she checked in online 24 hours prior.” – the Customer Service team

“I was interviewing someone for a position, and in the general travel knowledge questions we ask, I asked how many continents there are. Without skipping a beat the candidate responded ’32!!’” – Kevin, recruitment manager

“Went to our room, 5112, very nice and very clean with lots of hot water. This was for our 45th anniversary so it was supposed to be lots of sun and sex, especially sex. I got up Tuesday morning, opened the curtains, and the curtains and track system fell to the floor. We are on the ground floor, so I go to the lobby who directed me to Customer Service, and they said no problem, they would look after it. … The next morning I go back to Customer Service, and told them that I came here for sun and romance and those curtains had to be fixed because the sex was not happening. Again we went to bed that night with no curtains. This day, the person on the 3rd floor above us had been drying his underwear on his balcony and they fell onto our patio and low and behold, he is plucking his underwear off our patio looking into our room. Again, we go to bed with no curtains…and no sex for me.” – an email sent to Trip Assist

“Well, there was the lady that wanted to rent a car in the Florida Keys to drive to Cuba…” – Karol Chareza, Fairview office

“I’m emailing to complain that my daughter and I had a terrible trip to Cuba. She had to stay inside most of the week because of her allergy to the sun.” – from an email sent to Trip Assist

“Good morning lady smooth, it is not my passport that in the event, which this is being talked about and my card resident, my passport is in day and and Brazilian so much was spoken to jennifer lady, as I said I had a photocopy of Card permanent resident because the original was with the application for a new card that has duration of five years, and not company dechou me to travel, claiming not accept photocopies, and was all immigration documents giving me authorization pigeon peas back submit entry documents, and not repeat my passport and my permanent resident card that was not accepted.” – from an email we couldn’t quite figure out sent to Trip Assist

“Years ago when I was selling, I had a woman ask me if she was able to take a bus to Hawaii because she was afraid of flying!” – Richard Vanderlubbe, president of

Have you asked a silly travel question before and wished no one heard you? We’d love to hear your own stories!

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