Travel Etiquette: Where do you stand at the luggage belt?

Travel Etiquette: Where do you stand at the luggage belt?

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We asked, you answered! 

Do you rush off the plane to get to the luggage belt? Are you the type of person that stands right where the luggage drops? Do you have a go-to spot? Do you squeeze your way in front of others so you have the best view? Do you help others lift theirs if they need it?

I hurry to get off the plane, but not to get to my luggage, just to beat the rush at customs!! When I do go to the luggage drop zone, I just find a spot that is not crowded and wait there…I don’t normally help anyone, but if needed I surely would. – Judi

My wife and I normally let the people that rush in to get their luggage first and once we see ours we slowly make our way to the belt. – Claude

I calmly walk to the luggage belt. Unless of course I am connecting and there is little time. In that case, I let everyone know to stay out of my way at the bottom of the conveyor. – Barry

My husband and I have a routine, I stand closer to the belt and when our luggage comes I point it out to him and he pulls it off the conveyor. He never remembers what our luggage looks like ? Oh and he always helps others if they are struggling, just the kind of guy he is! – Liz

I never get too excited it is what it is, I do like to help people too if needed…-Corinne

OK, I usually try to get there early and pick a spot about 30 feet from the start, that way I get to see what is coming…It never hurts to be nice , I am one of those that will help anyone that needs it. – Peter

I don’t rush to the carousel, mostly because my luggage is usually the last to arrive, or it’s well into the middle of the pack. I tend to help others with their luggage as it usually frees up a spot making it easier for me to get a place to pick up my own. (Usually the people here are much more polite and not so much in a hurry.) Also, after a long and cramped ride it’s nice to stand and it’s always nice to have a conversation with other travellers. – Peter

I stand back just a little, because I’m 6 feet and 240 lbs who would just block other people’s view. If I see a small person struggling to pull a big heavy bag off the carousel, I excuse myself and give them a hand. Here in Canada or in my home country of New Zealand, others are usually doing the same thing. In some other places, not so much. – Carey

Yes we get off the plane quickly and rush to the luggage belt only to wait and wait and wait….Where are all the people who’s luggage keeps going around???? Lol – Ruth

Retrieving bags from the luggage belt, ah, that can indeed be an experience. I don’t as a rule run to the luggage belt as I am aware that my bags have to be off-loaded and sent on their way to the appropriate luggage belt in the terminal. When travelling to Cuba – as I do very often – I travel first class and my bags usually come off very promptly. On my return to Canada, despite the first class sticker on the luggage tag, it might not be the first bag off, but it has never let me down yet. On my return to my home airport, I am still carrying the first class sticker so my bags are the first off-loaded. If by some chance I do have to wait for the bags, I usually strike up a conversation with someone near me and we have a lively chat until the bags arrive, bid one another goodbye and go on our merry ways. I love travelling, don’t do as much as I used to, but it has become complicated in the past few years so we limit ourselves to the one place. – Nancy

I don’t need to stand at the drop point of the belt. Being first off the plane is not always faster if you have luggage to receive at the belt. Absolutely help the injured but more so the elderly with bags off the belt….why wouldn’t anyone? – Ken

To reply to your questions regarding luggage…I am the one who doesn’t rush off the plane, doesn’t stand up until it’s close to my turn to start down the aisle, I don’t rush through the airport, don’t take the moving floor, and when I get to the luggage belt I pick a spot at the opposite end from where the luggage comes through and frequently allow others to step in front of me. I’m just not in that big a rush. I love standing back, people watching, talking to the person standing next to me, helping somebody who is having a difficult time lifting their bag. Wasn’t always well thought of by my (now ex) husband who was the opposite, rush through the airport, stand as close to the luggage drop as possible, tapping his foot and keeping his eye on his watch. – Nancy

I don’t hurry to get my luggage. I take my time and look over the different belts until I see mine and if people are near where it is, I excuse myself and retrieve it. I put a special memento on it so I recognize it. – Nora

I wait until I can see my baggage before crowding up to the conveyor. I am usually not travelling alone, so I wait with my companion, usually my wife. I think those who rush up to the conveyor only to stand and wait, making it difficult for others to approach, are rude. Why not stay a couple of steps away, and step up only when your stuff is available? This would make the whole process a lot less like an obstacle course. Of course, I am also one of those who is no great rush to get off the plane in the first place, and then stand and wait for the luggage to arrive. If I rush off, it is to meet someone who has taken the time to be at the airport for my arrival. – Wally

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  1. Never in a hurry….just wait..

  2. Getting your luggage is a job in it self. I usually just stand back and wait until I see a suitcase that looks like mine. I will help others if they need it.

  3. I usually like to get my luggage as soon as possible. I do not always push my way through, but I do move up when I see them and as they are heavy, I would appreciate help, but I can struggle to take it off the belt. I do appreciate the person that helps me and I tell him so.

  4. I am guilty of being in a hurry at the destination,I am excited and want to get through the process as quickly as possible so I can have a smoke before I have to get on the bus for the journey to resort,but with that being said I help wereever I can because it is nice to be nice.Cheers have a great vacation Lord knows we all need it.Donna

  5. I prefer to wait, until I see my luggage, than,I will approach the conveyor belt..

  6. i usually just take a carry on 🙂

  7. I just slowly walk off the plane, to the pick up spot, for the luggage, stand back, if i see it , i go get it, I always help older people with theirs, or someone in need.

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