8 Travel Instagram Accounts To Fuel Your Wanderlust

8 Travel Instagram Accounts To Fuel Your Wanderlust

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

For us “regular” people, travel inspiration comes from the jaunts of seasoned travellers and professional photographers who bring the world to us via social media. Whether they’re exploring their home-base in Canada or venturing out into the wild, viewing a photo from our smartphone and reading a short caption has the ability to transport us to another scene from the comfort of our bedroom or office desk. To keep your wanderlust simmering as you plan your next vacation, we bring you 8 travel Instagram accounts that will make you want to explore the world (you know, in case you didn’t already). At the very least, you may be more inclined to use your camera and start photographing the beautiful scenes close to home.


Moody winters days got me all chilled out.

A photo posted by scottcbakken (@scottcbakken) on

You may feel a chill when browsing Scott’s stunning photos – but in the best way possible. Casting a serene and isolating feeling, his photos of beautiful mountains and trees, waterfalls and lakes, and foggy deserted roads are inspiring reminders that you’re never really alone in nature – even if everyone else is too cold to explore. 


When he’s not travelling, Alex splits his time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. From campfires in the fjords of Norway to canoeing on the Ardeche River in France, Alex perfectly documents his adventures and we just can’t stop scrolling through the peaceful landscapes.


Another #yellowoclock memory from Charlevoix @charlevoixatr

A photo posted by Anne McIsaac (@yellowillow) on

The name @yellowillow is fitting for Montreal photographer, Anne McIsaac, who spends time capturing her favourite colour in the city. Her photos are bright and cheerful. You can tell she has a fondness of architecture, fall leaves, and of course, sunny hues.



Fall reflections A photo posted by Scott Rankin (@othellonine) on

We fell in love with Scott Rankin’s photos of majestic landscapes. His scenes are as perfect as they come, like Jones Lake in British Columbia seen above. Though, he doesn’t credit himself as a commercial or editorial photographer: “I am just a guy with an iPhone who likes taking pictures.”


Hannah Keiver makes the cold weather look comforting. It doesn’t get more picturesque than the mountains of B.C. From winter camping to skiing in Whistler Blackcomb, she shows us that adventures don’t stop in the wintertime.


Robin’s Instagram showcases a mix of videos (Robin is a filmmaker), the occasional heartwarming dog, and an array of breathtaking adventure photos like camping beneath the stars in Alberta, canoeing on Emerald Lake, and witnessing the Northern lights in Greenland.


Planet Earth, man ?

A photo posted by Taylor LaPorte (@taylaporte) on

With a “no humans in the photo” rule (which she occasionally breaks), Taylor LaPorte photographs animals in their natural environment, making us mere humans want to jump in the picture.


Katie’s photos are bright, uplifting, and editorial, accompanied by quotes and song lyrics. You’ll find stunning Canadian landscapes, some self-portraits, and the odd images of beautiful animals.


Former lawyer Jodi Ettenberg documents vibrant landscapes, delicious food, interesting people and cute animals – from cats to alpacas. From Florida to New Zealand to Japan and back home in Montreal, Jodi takes us on a journey through her blog and photos.

What are your favourite travel Instagram accounts by fellow Canadians? Share them below!

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