Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Canadians

Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Canadians

Last Updated on January 10, 2022 by tripcentral

The Government of Canada requires all travellers departing from Canadian airports to be fully vaccinated. More on the cost of testing & where to get tested.

All travellers re-entering Canada must show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of your return flight to Canada. Children under 12 are not required to quarantine but will be restricted from some group activities.

DESTINATIONPre-Departure TestAllows Unvaccinated Kids Age:No Pre-Departure Test Kids Age: 
Antigua4 Days - Antigen0-110-4
Aruba $48 Hrs - PCR0-110-11
Bahamas $72 Hrs - Antigen0-110-23 months
Barbados72 Hrs - PCR0-110-4
Bermuda3 Days - Antigen0 -11Unvax'd kids 2-11 - PCR test 4 days prior
Canada72 Hrs - PCR0-110-4
Cayman Islands24 Hrs - AntigenUnvax'd kids not permitted
Costa RicaNo0-110+
Cuba $No0-110+
Curacao48 Hrs - PCR0-110-11
France48 Hrs - Antigen0-110-11
Greece24 Hrs - Antigen0-110-4
Grenada72 Hrs - PCR0-110-5
Guadeloupe24 Hrs - Antigen0-110-11
Hawaii24 Hrs - Antigen0-110-23 months. Connecting flights:
Unvax'd kids 5-11 PCR 72 Hrs prior
HondurasNo0-17All unvax'd kids Antigen test required 72 hrs prior (inc infants)
Italy24 Hrs - Antigen0+0-5
Jamaica72 Hrs - Antigen0+0-11
Netherlands24 Hrs - Antigen0-110-11
PanamaNo0-11All unvax'd kids Antigen test required 72 hrs prior (inc infants)
Poland24 Hrs - Antigen0-40-4
Portugal48 Hrs - Antigen0-110-11
Puerto Rico24 Hrs - Antigen0-110-23 months
St. Kitts72 Hrs - PCR0-11All kids 0+ required to have PCR test 72 hrs prior
St. Lucia5 Days - PCR0+0-4
St. Maarten24 Hrs - Antigen0-11Vaccinated kids 5 -17 NO test. Unvax'd kids 5-11 PCR test 48 hrs prior
Turks and Caicos $72 Hrs - Antigen0-110-23 months
USA24 Hrs - Antigen0-110-23 months

Costs of Tests and Places to get tested in Canada

Many destinations require proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departing Canada, and some are waiving this with proof of full vaccination.  Shoppers and Rexall do these tests in select provinces for $80-$150.  Some destinations allow entry with an antigen test which is much cheaper with a cost of only $30 (Rexall) and $40 (Shoppers). Refer to your provincial government website for a testing centre near you. Every destination has some mandatory questionnaire to be completed – some online, some in advance, some on arrival.  Entry requirements are subject to change, and we will notify our booked customers of material changes.  The chart below is designed as a summary to consider destinations, but the definitive entry requirements will be provided at the time of booking.

Yes! Testing facilities are at the resort – How do I book my test?

Many hotels are offering COVID-19 testing services on-site or at a nearby external clinic. You should make your appointment time upon arrival at the hotel. Please be sure to have your airline ticket and passport with you when you go to your appointment. Below is an example and tiny snapshot of the testing facilities on-site at resorts.

What happens if I test positive?

There are many things to consider when travelling. A concern on many minds – what happens if I test positive in a destination? We cannot make a blanket statement to answer such a question. But, to help ease your mind, we can tell you the majority of resorts are offering complimentary stays or additional nights at a highly reduced rate should the need arise due to a positive COVID-19 test.

$ Mandatory Insurance required. The chart above is accurate as of Jan. 10, 2022.