Vacation Secrets Revealed in New Survey!

Vacation Secrets Revealed in New Survey!

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

A new survey by and Ipsos Reid has just  been released — the first of a four-part series, in fact. It’s all about white sandy beaches, sun-kissed shoulders and romantic evenings under the moonlight. But wait… there’s more.

Actually, it’s a vacation sex survey! First thing’s first: 43% of women admit to having had sex somewhere outside their hotel room while on vacation.

Hmm … sounds frisky!

The marketing department at (yep, I’m part of that department!) was curious to know more about the hot buttons surrounding vacation travel purchases. One of our big questions was about the importance of sex while on vacation and how it contributes to the planning process, the memories, and vacation experience itself. So we commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a survey of more than 1,000 Canadian women to find out what makes them tick.

The women in question were between the ages of 18-60, and were in a relationship–whether that’s married, common-law or dating. The first release — which is now available on the website — contains some fun facts about whether or not women are fantasizing about having sex outside the hotel room while on vacation, how many women are actually doing it, and better still … where they’re doing it!

The survey results explore three types of women: the Friskies, the Fantasizers and the Frisky Fantasizers. Vacation Sex Survey ResultsSome of the exotic places women admitted to fantasizing about having sex (and the places they’re even doing it!) include:

    • in the ocean
    • on a boat
    • in the pool
    • on a balcony
    • in a hammock
    • and more…

Check out the rest of the list here, which also includes some cool info about various age groups and relationship statuses. And there’s even a fun Friskometer on the site where you can answer some quick questions to find out just how frisky you are on vacation.

Today’s results will be followed by three more releases from the vacation sex survey. Next up, The Noisy Neighbour Next Door. Watch for them here and on the site!

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