Wacky Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

Wacky Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Amanda Stancati

Holiday shopping is stressful enough without trying to figure out what to get the person who has everything. Fortunately, if that’s what you’re facing, you are totally justified in resorting to the most outrageous, crazy, wacky Christmas gift ideas you can fathom. Just tell ’em I said so 😉

Samsonite Luggage Scooter

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Micro Samsonite Luggage Travel Scooter

The “ultimate ride-on luggage,” according to Samsonite. This Micro Samsonite luggage travel scooter is specially designed to help you scoot through the airport crowds then conveniently fold it down to fit into standard-sized overhead bins. Careful with your speed, though, you don’t want to get into a high-speed scooter chase with airport police.

iStraw Water Filter

iStraw Water Filter

If you’ve ever been to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, you know you shouldn’t drink the water … unless you have the iStraw, of course! This portable water filtration system traps and eliminates waterborne bacteria that might be found in local water or ice cubes. Pretty handy-dandy if ya ask me!


Bottle Opener Sandals

by shop.reef.com

Fanning Bottle-Opener Sandals

There’s nothing worse than realizing your beer isn’t a twist off! When confronted with an unopened bottle of beer, save your teeth – use your new fanning bottle-opener sandals.
Flip-flop innovators, Reef, continue to push the limits in rubber footwear, this time offering a solution to an otherwise harrowing ordeal. Never again will you be caught with an unopened beer.
Gas-b-Gon Flatulence-Absorbing Pillow

Did you know that the amount of intestinal gas produced by the average human being triples at 25,000 feet? Ew, but true. Never fear! Now you can carry the Gas-b-Gon Flatulence-Absorbing Pillow every time you fly! Using innovative carbon filter technology, the Gas-b-Gon pillow not only muffles the sounds, but also the smells of in-flight flatulence, absorbing more than 90% of the odour. We think this should be a regular household item for everyone!


UpRight Sleeper

Photo by UpRightSleeper.com

UpRight Sleeper

This bizarre contraption prevents your head from falling forward or sideways while you sleep. Don’t you hate it when some random dude’s head flops on your shoulder on the plane, train, or wherever? Don’t be that dude! Use the UpRight Sleeper when napping in public.

Travel Bidet

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, they come out with the Travel Bidet! Have you ever found yourself on vacation in … umm … less sophisticated countries than you’re used to, where perhaps the facilities leave something to be desired? Fear not! The Travel Bidet is perfect for hygienically obsessed travellers around the world.

Brief Safe Underwear

This is, by far, the most disgustingly brilliant concept I’ve ever seen. The “Brief Safe” secures your most valuable items while at home or travelling, by hiding them right out in the open.These specially-designed briefs contain a fly-accessed 4″ x 10″ secret pouch with Velcro closure and “special markings” on the lower rear portion. Toss the “Brief Safe” in plain view to dissuade even the most determined thief.

Have you ever given or received a totally outrageous travel gift? We want to hear from you! Share your wacky Christmas gift ideas with us by leaving a comment below.

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