What is Adventure Travel?
Adventure travel is about seeing an undiscovered part of the world and experiencing destinations. Ranging from rock climbing and bungee jumping for the adrenaline junkie to a safari overland tour with comfortable accommodations for the not-so-bold traveller, adventure travel is a broad umbrella. Adventure travel means experiencing a place, a culture, the people and the food: choose from wildlife tours, eco-tourism, living like the locals or pushing yourself to your limits with extreme sports. Adventure doesn’t always mean on-the-go: whether you’re looking for a physical challenge, or just looking to step out of your comfort zone, adventure travel can be what you want it to be.


Get outdoors and explore Central America: hike through the Costa Rican rainforest or explore the Panama Canal. Revel in this area’s booming eco-tourism. Central America is full of diverse ecology and beauty, and here, adventure travel is all about experiencing nature. Discover volcanoes, zip-line through tropical vegetation, paddle down rushing rivers and famous canals, or explore rugged mountains and coastlines. Central American adventure travel is perfect for the traveller looking for moderate physical challenges.

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See lions, elephants, and giraffes up close and personal and experience Africa by safari, overland truck, or foot on an adventure trip. With many wildlife-focused trips, active trips around Mt. Kilimanjaro, and trips for the adventurous to famous natural sites like Victoria Falls, Africa offers stunning landscapes, unreal wildlife, and cultures as unique as the geography. For any adventure traveller, from the young and physical to the young-at-heart looking for a more classic tour, Africa is a hub for adventuring and exploring.


Immerse yourself in the culture of South America with adventure tourism, bringing you to new heights at Machu Picchu, visiting lush rainforests, and visiting the famous Galapagos Islands to steal a look at the amazing creatures. Dive into the ocean blue with sea lions and turtles, hike waterfalls, visit stunning cityscapes full of culture, retrace the steps of the Incas, or surf southern shores on this continent focusing on eco-tourism, wildlife, and physicality. South America has so much to offer and has an adventure waiting for any comfort level.

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Asia varies in adventure travel offerings as much as the culture differs: discover Bangkok and the cultural energy of Thailand through its people and food, or enjoy the eco-tourism and beaches of Vietnam. In China, walk the Great Wall, visit urban centres, or choose from a variety of landscapes: from mountains to deserts. India offers cultural experiences along the River Ganges, wildlife encounters, and a country as colorful as it is exotic. Adventure tourism in Asia tends to be more urban exploration and cultural adventures, easy on most travellers.


Visiting the South Pacific means surfing, hiking, eco-tourism, beautiful beaches and views, deserts, volcanoes, and busy cities. Bungee jump in Queenstown, New Zealand, or explore the outback in Australia. Adventure sport enthusiasts: you’ve found your travel destination. Whether it’s by air or by water, New Zealand screams adventure. Really go down under in Australia and try scuba diving some of the most beautiful coral reefs. Oceania offers destinations for both the active traveller and for the traveller looking to discover the South Pacific comfortably.


Discover the rest of the world, hiking the Rocky Mountains, exploring Europe, or taking in the arctic landscape in Alaska or Antarctica. With trips in Europe, North America, and the Polar Regions ranging from wildlife to eco-tourism and extreme sports, there’s plenty to choose from for something less exotic. Consider adventure tourism for your next vacation with one of many tours ready to fit your needs.

What types of trips can you do?
With adventure travel, the possibilities are endless: take a more extreme trip and live on the edge with camping, or stay within your comfort zone and venture out during the day but enjoy comfortable accommodations, glamping (glamorous camping), or resorts come night. Choose from classic trips to more active ones, family trips, and trips ranging from short excursions to month-long vacations.

What type of activities are available?
Adventure travel ranges from person to person: choose from extreme sports, hiking, safari tours, cultural experiences, and more. Activities range from light walking and appropriate for any fitness levels, to demanding or challenging with high-altitude hiking or heavy exercise. The types of activities available depend on the country you’re looking at visiting.

How does group adventure travel work?
Everyone needs to be cheered on sometimes, right? Group adventure travel means you’re travelling with a small group: you won’t feel like you’re on a class trip, but more like you have a social community and a team to help you get up that last hill or conquer your fear. With small groups, you’ll still feel as if you get personalized tour guide service and can still choose from single occupancy for privacy if you’re joining a group solo.

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