Jessica Traina

Jessica Traina
I'm in the office until 9:00pm
Next in Thu Oct 17th 9:30am - 6:00pm
St. Laurent Shopping Centre,
1200 St Laurent Blvd Ottawa
ON K1K 3B8
613-747-2929 X 7282

About Me

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario until recently picking up and moving to Ottawa, Ontario for a new adventure. Throughout my life I have always loved talking with others about trips that they had taken or ones that they had dreamt of and just seeing how much happiness it brang them. That is when I discovered my love for travel and knew that I wanted help make that happiness happen for people every day. 


Graduated from the Mohawk College Tourism and Travel program in 2017.


I began working at the head office of while I was still in College. Upon graduation, I was able to obtain a vast knowledge of our back office systems and administration throughout multiple different roles before finally fulfilling a huge goal of mine of becoming a Travel Agent. 

Travel Interests

I love to become as immersed as I can in local cultures, food, and lifestyles wherever I visit. I have personally arranged all of my travel plans to the better part of Europe including Austia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands as well as to tropical destinations like Cuba, Hawaii, and Mexico. I am looking forward to exploring more destinations in Asia in the years to come.