Have you ever...

Heard the noisy couple having sex in the room next to you?

We asked women, "What do you do when you hear the noisy neighbours in the next room having sex?" Our findings concluded that there are three types of erotic eavesdroppers:

  • The Critics:

    Only 2% of women surveyed said they became so angry they had to speak to the staff.

  • The Cheerleaders:

    13% of women ages 18-34 are aroused by the sexy sounds.

    8% of women ages 45-60 admit they, too, feel a spark from the noisy neighbours.

  • The Casuals:

    46% of women 35-44 claim that listening to another couple's loud lovin' through the walls is moderately annoying, but they simply turned up the TV to drown out the noise.

    37% of women ages 45-60 were also slightly bothered by the noisy naughtiness.

Have you ever...

Run into the noisy couple the next morning?

"Excuse me it sounds like you're having a fabulous vacation! Here's the receipt for my industrial ear plugs - please slip the money under my door later and enjoy your evening." OK, we made that one up. Here are the actual facts:

  • 51% of women said they would just smile at them politely, making no effort to call any more attention to the embarrassing moment.

    11% of younger respondents are significantly more likely to avoid eye contact at all costs

    4% of older women shyly turn away in avoidance as well

  • A whopping 12% of out-going women claimed they would mention to the couple that it sounds like they're having a nice vacation! This response was most common among couples who are:

    • casually dating 20%
    • in a relationship 16%
    • married/common law 10%
  • Eleven percent of women said they simply giggle and keep on walking.

    • 16% of gigglers were ages 18-34
    • Only 5% were 45-60 years old

    I guess we outgrow our shyness as we get on in years.

Have you ever...

Been interrupted by hotel or cruise ship staff while having sex?

  • 8% of the women polled say they've been interrupted by hotel/cruise staff while having sex

    If you're on vacation and casually dating, you're twice as likely to have been interrupted by hotel staff:

    14% casual dating versus 7% for married/common law

    Hmm, are the casual daters getting caught more often simply because they're doing it more often? Or maybe it's the noise that's compelling staff to investigate. I guess we'll never know!

Have you ever...

Left the curtains open (on purpose) while having sex in the hotel room?

We've covered the noisy neighbours - now let's talk about the exhibitionists!

  • 13% of women surveyed say they've left the blinds or curtains open while being intimate

    17% of 18-34 year olds have left the blinds or curtains open, significantly higher than those aged 45-60 at only 10%

    Those married or living common law are much less likely to leave the curtains/blinds open - only 11% compared to 20% for those casually dating or in a serious relationship

    Seems like unmarried, casual daters are the ones eager to show off!

Have you ever...

Tried to have sex when sharing a room with family or friends?

Younger women are far more likely to...

  • ...have sex in the bathroom or shower while sharing a hotel room with others:

    • 31% ages 18-34
    • 18% ages 35-44
    • 13% ages 45-60

    ...wait for the opportunity when no one is in the room:

    • 60% ages 18-44
    • 36% ages 45-60

    ...find somewhere else to have sex:

    • 21% ages 18-34
    • 11% ages 35-44
    • 4% ages 45-60

    Older women are much more likely to wait until they get back home:

    • 43% of those 45-60
    • 25% aged 18-34

    Whether they're on the balcony or in the shower, one thing's for sure - younger women ages 18-34 are far more likely to find creative ways to be intimate while sharing a room on vacation

Detailed Survey Results

This is the second of three articles presenting the results of our reasearch survey.

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