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About Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines launched into business in the late 1970s after refitting some old Canadian Pacific transatlantic ships. Designed to cater to the partying baby boom generation, the theme was "Fun", and absolutely unpretentious. This formula was brand new to cruising at the time, and Carnival has grown into the largest cruise line in the world with its Fun Ships positioning. The ships were decked out in larger than life décor, wild fluorescent colours, modern art, bright lights, and lots of black and neon. Shows were electrifying, incorporating Vegas style reviews with lasers and ample special effects. In fact, Las Vegas and Orlando are considered it's main competition, and not other cruise lines. Baby Boomers have aged, and Carnival has changed. They are still known as the fun ships, but the newer "Destiny Class" ships of "Today's Carnival" have toned down the colours somewhat, and made cabin appointments a little plusher. Menu selection and dining experience has improved immensely on Carnival in the last few years; the line was often criticized (often too harshly) as lacking quality in food preparation and presentation. Food quality is good, but it is still served unpretentiously by gregarious waiters in this distinctively fun environment. Over the years, restrictions on minimum age and single pricing has removed some of the old stereotypes of Carnival that have persisted from its early days when Baby Boomers were much younger. Any guests under 21 must be accompanied by at least one adult 25 or older. Carnival is aimed at those who want a casual atmosphere; if you dread dressing up, this is your line. It is likely best described as choosing a roadhouse over a fine dining establishment, just because you feel more comfortable. And after all, it's your holiday. Another great way to determine if Carnival is right for you is to consider your nighttime habits. While all cruise lines have a disco, bars, late night comedy, and fun events, Carnival stands out by the intensity of these activities. You'll find many guests up late into the wee hours, and the dance floor filled, where on some other lines it seems like everyone is in bed. Camp Carnival offers an excellent kids program in Carnival's own fun-ship way. Carnival's casual atmosphere makes for a terrific family vacation where Mom and Dad can relax, and the kids are kept busy with far more to do than at a resort, in a safe, supervised environment. The Paradise offers a unique smoke free cruise experience as well. The decor, the staff, and the on board activities makes for a casual atmosphere designed to kick back and have fun. The difference between Carnival and other lines is not in the quality, but in the presentation, which attracts a fun loving crowd of all ages. In fact, they are so sure that you will be satisfied, that Carnival offers a Vacation Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your cruise, you can disembark at the first port of call, and Carnival will fly you back to your home city, or port of embarkation.