The Travel Agent Team

Here's a list of our travel agents who've been there. We're located in offices throughout Canada, but we service tens of thousands of Canadians coast to coast by phone and internet. If you are calling or dealing by telephone, it's important to have an agent that knows the product well, and is willing to get to know you.

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Name Ext Status
Ailsa Walker ext. 7181    
Alfie DUva ext. 7332    
Amanda Garlough ext. 7248     Ottawa, ON
Amanda Thornton ext. 7115    
Angela Kocsis ext. 7319     Burlington, ON
Angela Wolfe ext. 7361     Hamilton, ON
Anne Bovingdon ext. 7333    
April Magone ext. 7343     Dundas, ON
Ariff Khan ext. 7336     Etobicoke, ON
Ash Faramarzi ext. 7151     Mississauga, ON
Beth McKinley ext. 7163     Toronto, ON
Bev Johnston ext. 7307    
Bill Gentry ext. 7346     Mississauga, ON
Bill Katrynuk ext. 7129    
Brenda Moran ext. 7218     Hamilton, ON
Candice Anger ext. 7402     Stoney Creek, ON
Carol Webber ext. 7209     Greenwood, NS
Cathie Milner ext. 7296    
Cindy Callaghan ext. 7220     Dartmouth, NS
Diana Pongetti ext. 7317    
Doug Deming ext. 7360    
Eliana Anton ext. 7167     Oakville, ON
Eva Wasilewska ext. 7166     Richmond Hill, ON
Felicia Grasso ext. 7112     Barrie, ON
Fred Pongracic ext. 7354    
Gina Kiriakopoulos ext. 7289     Hamilton, ON
Heather Felice ext. 7338 In Office Until 5:00pm     Orangeville, ON
Heather Simpson ext. 7304     Dundas, ON
Jack Gentile ext. 7363     Etobicoke, ON
Jairus Maus ext. 7365 Unavailable Next in Tue Mar 2nd 9:00am     Waterloo, ON
Janet Merrill ext. 7358     Stoney Creek, ON
Jason Katrynuk ext. 7128    
Jean Arseneau ext. 7228     Ottawa, ON
Jenn Black ext. 7204 In Office Until 5:00pm     The Maritimes
Jennifer Brown ext. 7356     Moncton, NB
Jessica Traina ext. 7282     Ottawa, ON
Judy Donaldson ext. 7233     Burlington, ON
Karol Chareza ext. 7320     Burlington, ON
Katie Sauve ext. 7432     Ottawa, ON
Kevin Dupuis ext. 7374 In Office Until 5:00pm     Sudbury, ON
Krista Shaver ext. 7265     Hamilton, ON
Linda Lavoie ext. 7255     Sudbury, ON
Lisa Shelley-Ansell ext. 7273    
Louise Issa ext. 7325     Ottawa, ON
Manuela Romeiro ext. 7364     Orangeville, ON
Martine Reid ext. 7270 In Office Until 5:00pm     St. Catharines, ON
Maya Maceka ext. 7433     Hamilton, ON
Melanie Johnston ext. 7321     St. Catharines, ON
Mike Tate ext. 7331     Ottawa, ON
Miranda Mawdsley ext. 7369     Hamilton, ON
Monique Kwirant ext. 7238     Orangeville, ON
Natalie Collura ext. 7392     Guelph, ON
Natausha Markgraf ext. 7326     Stoney Creek, ON
Nephilene Arce ext. 7173     Mississauga, ON
Nicole Deforest ext. 7341 In Office Until 5:00pm     Guelph, ON
Nicolle Kirk ext. 7329 In Office Until 5:00pm     Hamilton, ON
ONeil Graham ext. 7435     Hamilton, ON
Rick Lockhart ext. 7366     Etobicoke, ON
Robyn Murray ext. 7215     Dartmouth, NS
Saskia Singh ext. 7370     Mississauga, ON
Shauna Langille ext. 7355     Moncton, NB
Steven Bico ext. 7119    
Susan Snider ext. 7323 In Office Until 4:00pm     Toronto, ON
Susan Turk ext. 7241    
Susan Williams ext. 7216     Dartmouth, NS
Tammy Beamish ext. 7384     Barrie, ON
Tammy Templeton ext. 7162     Burlington, ON
Tanya Varrasso ext. 7352     Hamilton, ON
Tina Scibetta-Moore ext. 7353    
Tracy Weldon ext. 7236    
Victoria Guest ext. 7121     Guelph, ON
Wendy Harrington ext. 7260 In Office Until 5:00pm     Guelph, ON
Wendy Van Zandwyk ext. 7291     Barrie, ON