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    Apr 07 Apr 21
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Dec 16 Jan 01
    Lufthansa airline logo icon
    Jan 03 Jan 17
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Dec 18 Jan 02
    American Airlines airline logo icon
    Nov 17 Nov 27
    American Airlines airline logo icon
    Nov 25 Dec 05
    American Airlines airline logo icon
  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Nov 06 Nov 13
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Dec 31 Jan 09
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Feb 03 Feb 12
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Jan 01 Jan 08
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Apr 07 Apr 14
    Delta Air Lines airline logo icon
  • From To Depart Return Price Airline
    Nov 05 Nov 12
    Air Canada airline logo icon
    Jan 24 Feb 07
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Dec 14 Dec 30
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Nov 16 Dec 14
    Mixed airline logo icon
    Nov 05 Nov 12
    Mixed airline logo icon

Montreal to Athens

Air Canada, Air France, British Airways and Transat provide a variety of flights to Athens from Montreal. The flight reservation system page on makes it easy to see what is available for specific departure and return dates. This is important because most of the flights to Athens from Montreal are connecting. This increase the number of options you need to sift through when organizing your trip.

Between May and December you can take weekly nonstop or direct flights from Montreal to Athens with Air Canada. Transat also has a couple of nonstop or direct weekly charter flights to Athens from Montreal between May and December. Everything else available involves changing planes at one point or another.

The’s flight reservation system lists the available flights to Athens from Montreal, including all connecting flight combinations. This way everything is displayed clearly. It only takes a glance to see departure times and costs. Even cheap flights are noticeable marked as being the best price. Also best value airfares are also shown. You can simply click on the flight information to quickly see when and where flights connect.

Often people are interested in finding cheap flights from Montreal and frequently ask, “When should I book my flight to get the lowest airfare?” It is recommended that you do so approximately four months before your trip. That’s when discount airfare is most often available. Cheap flights may still exist between one to three months before your trip but the closer it is to your departure date it becomes more difficult to find discount airfare. Commonly discount airfare is unavailable a month before the departure date. So when it comes down to getting discount airfare, sooner is better.

People often forget that charter companies can provide cheap flights too. Charter flights may offer you the best value, if not the lowest airfare. First, charter flights are open to everyone even though people often only fly with them as part of a package deal. Second, charter airfare is decided on the year before. This means that they are often considered cheap flights compared to non-charter flights. Third, most charter flights to Athens from Montreal are nonstop or direct. Fourth, sometimes you can get really cheap flights if there are seat sales.

Seat sales have become highly sought after. Seat sales take place when an airline is trying to book up a plane. They normally occur within the last 30 days. Seat sales are valuable to people making last minute trips. Unfortunately tales about seat sales have been blown into mythical proportions.

The reality of seat sales is straightforward. Seat sales can save you money but they don’t actually happen frequently. Too often people hold off buying their tickets expecting to save big only there are no seat sales. When it comes right down to it, you should not wait to book your tickets. You may think the price will go down but it can increase instead. So there is a possibility of having to pay more, or worse the plane books up. It is recommended not to wait for seat sales but if you do find one take advantage of it.

What you do and where you stay in Athens is probably more important to you than discount airfare. Take a moment and talk with one of’s travel agents who have been there. They can give you some advice about the best values in Athens for your time and money.

Travel agents at are different because they don’t suggest what is popular or the cheapest. Instead they want to find out what you actually want out of your trip, whether it is discount airfare, specific locations or activities. After all it’s your trip, you know what you want. Also people frequently assume that the best value for their money and what is cheapest is the same thing. That is far from the truth. Because of this common misunderstanding travel agents discus with you what your interests, budget and comfort preferences are. Then they will recommend different options that will give you the best value for your money.

When shopping for tickets you may notice that American, United and Delta may have cheap flights to Athens from Burlington, Vermont.  Always balance the savings from discount airfare or seat sales with any inconvenience or added expenses getting to and from Burlington, Vermont. Savings from cheap flights may not be real savings once the actual cost of travelling to the different airports is compared. Cheap flights are only valuable when they actually save you money.

Also you need to consider that flying with American from Burlington, Vermont involve changing planes twice. From January to April flying United from Burlington, Vermont to Athens also involve double connections. Most other flights to Athens with United and Delta are single connections. This is a time when convenience may be more important than discount airfare.

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