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Toronto to Shannon Flights

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Toronto to Shannon

There are connecting flights to Shannon from Toronto available all the time with Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Continental, Delta and other airlines. Air Transat has weekly non-stop charter flights to Shannon from Toronto available from the beginning of April to the end of October.

You may be able to find cheap flights to Shannon from Toronto anytime. It all depends on how popular a flight is.

Early Discount Airfare
Some airlines will offer promotional discount airfare as early as four months before a flight. Sometimes the cheap airfare is still available a month beforehand. If the flight is popular any discount airfare is going to go quickly. If you don’t want to miss out on discount airfare start checking for cheap flights around four months before or sooner.  If you find cheap flights book as soon as possible. Cheap airfare available today may not be there tomorrow.

Last minute Seat Sales
If you are looking for cheap flights within the last month before a flight your best bet to get discount airfare is to find seat sales. Airlines will put any unsold seats on sale at the last minute in an attempt to have a full plane.  Just don’t postpone buying your tickets to try and get cheap airfare with seat sales.  If you find cheap flights don’t wait thinking you will save more with seat sales. There is no way to predict when there will be seat sales. There might not be any when you want them.  If a flight is popular ticket prices might increase or the flight can book up while you waited for seat sales.

Charter Airfare
Charter airfare works a little differently. Charter airfare is decided months beforehand and does not adjust to demand. What this means is that even if there is no discount airfare being offered for charter flights the charter airfare could actually be the better deal.  Charter flights to Shannon from Toronto are also direct or non-stop.

Charter flights might give you the best value for your money, even when charter airfare is not the lowest price available. Why, because when you take Air Transat’s non-stop or direct charter flights you don’t have to change planes. The only drawback is that charter flights to Shannon from Toronto are only available once a week between April and October. Because of this if you want to save with charter airfare you need to book early.

Cheap flights Outside of Toronto
At times you can find cheap flights to Shannon from Buffalo and Detroit. Before you choose to fly from Buffalo or Detroit make sure you figure out the costs involved getting to and from the airports. You don’t want to save money with cheap airfare only to spend more getting to the airport. The whole point behind looking for cheap flights is to save money.

Cheap Flights to Shannon From

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