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Winnipeg to Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a very popular place in Jamaica to vacation during the winter. Sunwing and Air Transat offer weekly non-stop or direct charter flights beginning in October right through to April. All year you can find connecting flights to Montego Bay from Winnipeg with Air Canada, Continental, Delta, United, WestJet and other airlines. It is easy to see and compare the different connecting and charter flights on’s flight reservations system.

Know What is Available
Airlines, departure times, prices, and any connections are clearly displayed when you use’s flight reservation page. Search for the label Best Price to find cheap flights to Montego Bay from Winnipeg. Also keep an eye out for the Best Value category. The Best Value category is for flights to Montego Bay that combine discount airfare, convenience and comfort. Frequently direct charter flights from Winnipeg are labelled Best Value.

Know the Real Ticket Price
Everything is openly displayed on’s flight reservation system making it easier to do accurate price comparisons. All taxes are already part of the price. This way you will know the actual bottom line ticket price. Also you will find cheap flights from Winnipeg labelled Best Price no matter what airline it’s with or whether the savings is from charter airfare, seat sales or discount airfare.

Know What You Are Paying Before You Buy
You should always be careful when looking into cheap flights or deals. When comparing airplane ticket prices remember that includes the taxes and fees in the posted airfare. Not everyone does this so it’s a good idea not to buy anything until you know the actual costs involved. What you see may not be discount airfare. It may simply be that the price does not include any tax. Instead the tax is added when you buy. When you find cheap flights elsewhere make sure to find out if you need to add taxes or any fees before you get the real cost.

When to Look For Cheap Flights
The real trick to find cheap flights is to know when to look for them, and when to buy. Discount airfare and seat sales can be found at different times. Start searching for discount airfare at least four months before your trip. Discount airfare may be obtainable anytime between one to four months before your trip. However to save money with discount airfare you always want to book early before they sell out.

The last four weeks is when any last minute seat sales will happen. Discount airfare is not always available at the last minute. Seat sales only happen when airlines want to motivate people to fly with them, usually because they have unsold tickets.

You take a risk when you hold off booking trying for last minute savings with seat sales. If you do wait for last minute seat sales you are risking your travel plans. The truth is that seat sales are only held when there are many unsold tickets. It is possible to get cheap flights if there are seat sales. But on the other hand there might not be any seat sales and the flight could sell out or the tickets could go up in price.

Can Charter Flights Save You Money?
Air Transat and Sunwing’s charter airfare may supply you with cheap flights even without any discount airfare or seat sales. Charter airfare is decided on months in advance and normally does not change with demand. However, most people don’t think about direct charter flights when making vacation plans. There is a misconception that charter airfare is only available as part of a vacation package. That is not true.

Discount airfare from direct charter flights is available to everyone. But it is a good idea to book direct charter flights early. A lot of companies offering vacation packages do take advantage of charter airfare. As a result direct charter flights to Montego Bay from Winnipeg can book up quickly. Last minute seat sales happen occasionally, but not often. Seat sales are only held when the tickets are not selling within four weeks before departure.

Charter airfare with Air Transat and Sunwing makes direct charter flights an inexpensive way to travel. Between October and April Sunwing and Air Transat both offer weekly non-stop or direct charter flights to Montego Bay from Winnipeg.

A Travel Agent Who has Been There
Montego Bay has been a vacation location for many travel agents. Travel advice given by a travel agent will blend your travel interests and their familiarity of the region. They might help you design your very own unique Montego Bay vacation created around your preferences and budget. They could also suggest vacation packages. Your experience in Montego Bay is as valuable, if not more so, than any cheap flights they might find you. They will be happy to explore all your options with you not just seat sales and discount airfare.

When arranging a trip to Montego Bay you want the best value for your money with everything. Your travel plans should be built around your departure, budget and comfort needs, not what is currently popular or the cheapest. You can always contact a’s travel agent who has been there to investigate all of your choices, including vacation packages. They can help find you what you want whether it is discount airfare or specific vacation locations and special activities.

Flying from border cities
Sometimes you can find cheap flights by crossing the border. If you do come across discount airfare or seat sales in another city make sure you look into what is involved before you buy. Always balance the savings from discount airfare with any inconvenience or added expenses getting to and from the different locations. Cheap flights to Montego Bay from the US will all be connecting, not direct or non-stop.

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